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Full Version: Ford Fusion Boot Release Problem - Please Help
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Hello all,


I purchased a Ford Fusion, everything is great with the car, but the rear boot will not open without manually inserting the key.


I can't open it by pressing the button on the key fob, or the button inside the car.


Can anyone give me any suggestions why this might be? and how to fix it?


Also, if anyone could tell me where the fuse box is and the fuse number for the boot, I would greatly appreciate it.





It sounds like a fuse, (Sorry can't help you with that one), or possibly the boot release solenoid that's at fault, the only way to tell is to get to the electrics at the solenoid and use a test meter to see if there is power to it when the dash button or remote button are pressed


The fusebox is behind the glovecompartment, open the glovecompartment, push the sides in en open it further. At the back of the glovecompartment is a sticker with the fuseplan. (At least thats the fact on a LHD vehicle, guessing it's the same in a RHD ;) )


Have exactly the same problem with the wifes car (it may be my daily runner a-b/work mule soon so I will try and get round to fixing all the stuff she doesn't tell me about until black smoke is coming out of it). Think it must be the solenoid in my case as you can hear the 'schnick' (or whatever sound a solenoid makes) but it's too weak to pop the boot. Any ideas how to find it? Presumably in the spare wheel well or thereabouts?


If you look at the picture it looks like there's a electric motor in the boot lid itself.

So the easiest thing to do is remove the plastic on the inside, close the boot while sitting in the boot and try to open it with the knob/remote control key.

If anything moves you can see what is happening.



Hi there all. My Fusion has just today done the very same thing. It was ok when I went out this morning,but, by the time I came back. Not only can I not get into the boot with the master key. It won't let me in via the dash board push button mechanism.

I know this may sound a little silly,but, I didn't know that the boot release would have its own fuse ?

Yours as always

Dragon Siw.

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