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Full Version: Aux, Bluetooth And Voice Command Buttons Not Working
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Hi guys,

First time posting here, so go easy on me ;)

Really need some help!

Couple of days ago I realised my phone wasn't coming through to my car, didn't think anything of it at the time. Then when I went to phone someone the other day my voice command button didn't work, so I pressed the phone button - all this did was mute the radio!!
Again, yesterday I went to plug my phone into the aux socket to listen to my music and this button does absolutely NOTHING!

As you can imagine, quite annoyed about the whole thing!

If this has happened to anyone before now and they know how to get it all back up and running smoothly, I'd really appreciate their help!

Thanks in advance guys,


First of all welcome to the club!


It sounds like you may not have the bluetooth module in your car. Most cars have the phone button, which as you can see just mutes the volume to permit for the phone call on an alternative handsfree kit.


What headunit do you have in your car? also was the car definitely sold as "with bluetooth"


When you do a scan on your phone for bluetooth devices, does anything ford, or the headunit related come up when the ignition is on?


Thanks for the reply.


I definetely have the bluetooth module in the car, I have been using it for the last couple of months with no issues whatsoever. It is only now that it has suddenly mucked up.


I feel lost without it now! lol


Any ideas?

Gaz RS

Try disconnecting the multi plug on the module for a few minuets before reconnecting, The module is fastened to the inside of the trim which is under the glove box.


may be easier to disconnect the battery if you dont want to get that far into the glove box remit.

Alright guys, I have now tried disconnecting both the battery and the Bluetooth module itself for as long as half an hour and the best I get is that all the options come back up, the aux works temporarily and then it all goes back to how it is right now - ie. not working!

Really irritating that it will fix temporarily but then won't work again for some reason!

Thanks for the suggestions so far! Anymore?!

sounds like you need a firmware upgrade to be honest...


Hi guys,


Still playing around with this - not got anything working.


What would I need for a firmware upgrade? Or is this something I am going to need to take to Ford?


Also, I went to start my engine on Friday night and it had completely died - wouldnt start at all. All the electrics flashed up and then nothing happened.


I jump started the car and took it for a quick run out.


The next morning the same thing happened!! Again I jump started it - this time was then driving it for the majority of the day.


It hasnt happened again since then. Is it likely this is linked to the whole bluetooth thing? Or a completely seperate problem!?


Whatever you think, does anything have any ideas of how to sort this?



Thanks guys,




you certainly have a drain somewhere but check that the battery is installed correctly and the terminals are firmly sat in place.


As for the bluetooth, and any possible upgrade you may be able to find the firmware you can download to a USB and plug it in, then run through the stereo menu to firmware upgrade. If not you would probably need to take it to Ford.


Only one problem - havent got the USB part in the car :(


Looks like its a trip to Ford at some point then!!


if you have the keys to remove the stereo, do so, there may be either an SD card or a hidden USB port on the rear for the sole purpose of updates....

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