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Full Version: Sticking Seat Belt
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Mondy Mark

Has anyone had a problem with the seat bent adjuster jamming? My passenger seat belt adjuster has been stuck in the highest position since i got it. When you press the switch to slide it down it will not move! Any ideas if this is fixable or will it need replacing? If replacing, how easy is it to do?

Thanks in advance :unsure:

Remove the B pillar cover and check if the slider has jammed or come out of it's rails.
Mondy Mark

Had a quick look and it seams to be jammed at the top! If it was stuck at the bottom swmbo wouldn't complain as much! :D . 


no means of loosening it that you have seen? or is it the mechanism itself thats jammed?

Mondy Mark

Sorry for the delay in getting back! Work! I had a good look and it seems the mechanism itself is well jammed! The switch to adjust the height could well have disconnected? Its not a major problem, more one of those annoying niggles! My last car was a Laguna so i'm used to little niggles! Thanks for the replies :) ,



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