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hi every one been triying to find suttin on the net but cant find nothing thats why im posting this lol right iv got a 2004 mondeo 2.0 tdci witch i need sum guidance with. fitted a new injector today as number 2 was shot so swaped and recded it runs like a dream but wen i stop in trafic the glow plug light flashes and the dreaded limp mode switch of and bk on all ok if i keep the revs on 1000k ish let it tick over on its own the light flashes got a knock sensor bank 1 fault  .witch iv mounted off the block to eliminte a fault with a new one .  it only cums on on tick over then the coil light flashes  it runs verry lumpy but with no smoke and pulls well im a bit lost egr and inlet is spotles egr blanked off no splits in hoses .fitted a new cam sensor and fuel filter still the same .. i need a bit of help if aney one got aney sugestions please


any DTC's?


only wen it ticks over on its own then knock sencor bank 1 but it gows off if i restart it and keep driving and keep it above 1000rpm its fine all day if i do that but as soon as it ticks over on its own then i get my problem there only one knock sensor ??


sounds like a dodgy injector perhaps the one that was replaced,you could do a leak off test to confirm if the injectors are good,there is only one knock sensor as the ecu knows which injector is fireing and monitors accordingly.


ill have to do a nother leak of test is there aney way i can do a test or find out witch sylender has the diesel knock that would pin point a bad injector wouldent it ? could i do a home recon on my old injector it was prety bad filld leak of test in  1min 35 secons

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