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Full Version: Problems After Fitting Replacement Engine And Gearbox
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HI, im new to forums so if I miss anything out let me know.


I have a 2000 (w) Focus 1.6 which had a blown engine. I replaced the engine and as the gearbox (manual) was leaking from all the seals replaced that too. After refitting everything all I get is clicking from the starter motor? The engine turns over freely via the crankshaft bolt, the battery is fully charged. Am I missing something silly, should there be an earth/negative lead going from the starter direct to battery as I don't have one of those. Does it matter where the main earth from the battery goes as I bolted it to the gearbox housing as I'm sure that's where it came from lol. It's getting really frustrating now. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance




Any earth point should suffice, but there should be one in the engine bay. It does sound like the PATS system may be stopping you cranking over...


Sorry for seeming dumb but whats the PATS system.


Ok, so found out about the PATS system. Can that be it as the starter is clicking so its getting that far. There is a problem with the key fob tho,so I had to take the chip out and attach it to the transponder just to make the starter click. Could it possibly be that???? If so, If I change the transponder, key chip and ECU, will that be enough to sort the immobiliser side of things or will I need more. Thanks


Changing ECU is rather extreme... You need a mobile electrician with Ford IDS, and they should be able to program the key to it. The premise of PATS I believe is that it does allow you to try and start the car, but it never lets it fire up... (I think thats right)


I can go to a local scrappy and get a cheap ecu and lock set so I might try that. Apart from the ecu, transponder and keys, is there anything else I will need for it to swap over successfully.


Many thanks :)




OK, thanks for your reply. I don't know how I can get a better connection as its as good as it gets. Im going to bench test the starter motor and see if it could be that. I didn't get to test the starter before removing the engine and box so don't know if that's faulty too. It does seem as tho the solenoid is engaging just not turning the starter. Hoping I don't have to take engine and box out again :( I'll keep you posted. Thanks again

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