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Full Version: Noisy Tyres
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Hi I recently bought a 2009 Fiesta tdci zetec s. It's got the original 17 inch alloys with low profile tyres, (not makes I recognise). It drives lovely but has this annoying humming sound, (sounds more dramatic on smoother road surfaces and higher speed and at very low speed). I took it back to the garage where I bought it from and they had it for nearly a week looking at and testing various things to find the problem. They came back saying that it's the low profile tyres and because they are a cheap make. They went on to say that they tried another set of wheels and it didn't make the noise. So when I purchase new tyres I should get a better make. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem?? It's under warranty for a year from mechanical faults and only 3 months with all other things. 


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Tyre make can make a big difference to the noise, wider, lower profile tyres tend to be noisier with a harsher ride pressures can have an effect too  


I used to run Michelins, they were quite noisy, after i switched to good-year they were a lot quieter, tyre manufactures change their designs all the time and its worth doing some research (online group tests etc) to find the quietest ones available at the moment


Hankooks are what came on standard, Ventus Prime's, the facelift's have Continental ContiPremiumContacts on, which are alright and have a decent kerb protection. Best sticking to a decent brand though, you get what you pay for with cheaper tyres.


I found this link -


After recommending the good years its good to read -


"The main advantage the Goodyear has is a combination of high-traction and an enviable level of comfort. >>>The car rolled silently down the road<<<, and glided over joints of asphalt. When combined with the shortest braking distance on wet roads, and excellent resistance to aquaplaning you have a winner"


The goodyear eagle F1 asymetric 2 is not a cheap tyre though


Ok guys, thanks very much for your help :))

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