Hey guys

I just got an 05 reg Ka, 1.3, i believe to be a base model (no Rev counter, no central locking... tht sorta thing if that helps)

Basically i want to fit the SS817 product tail lights but i'm hoping someone can shed some light on whether or not it would actually work fine... the reason i ask is because the brake light (i think) and the indicator are a twin elemant on the SS817 (Lexus style), whereas obviously on the current tail lights, they're individual...

ALSO, if anyone can also help on possibly adding some Angel headlights, the one's i've looked around at for the Ka all have the indicator at the top, as opposed to being on the bottom on the standard lights that are already on the car... would this matter? would it all still work..?

you're help would be really much appreciated guys, thank you so much!