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Full Version: Dealership Mayhem!
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Last month I started to look for a new car. I wanted a 1.4 tdci.


I went to Bristol Street Motors first because I was interested in a car they had.


As soon as the saleman spotted me, he asked me what I was looking for. I told him what I wanted and he asked me in to the showroom. He took my details, address, phone number etc. We then went outside to value my car for part-exchange, then I drove it with me (a short distance) driving first then him driving it. We went back inside the showroom and he asked me to sit down, he went away somewhere, after a long time he came back and he said I would get £600 for it. I told him I wanted at least £1000 for it but he couldn't do it because of the condition of the car (some chips on the bonnet, different colour paint on wheel arch near fuel cover.)


He then asked me if I wanted to look at the 1.6 outside (which had done 66k), I said "yes", I sat in the vehicle and then he asked me if I wanted to take it out for a test drive. Afterwards he asked if I liked it, I said "yes, but I'm not interested in buying THIS car".


We then went back into the showroom to his desk and he went away to price up the 1.6. He came back and gave me a load of crap about GAP, a finish they use on every vehicle called DiamondBrite and some other stuff.


I then told him that I didn't want GAP and the DiamondBrite. And that I wanted 2 years warranty. He then quoted me around £8400 for it.


I told him that I wasn't interested in buying that vehicle and I was ONLY interested in the 1.4 which they didn't have. He told me that they would have to bring the 1.4 over to their showroom and that it would cost them. He told me that if they brought the 1.4 over from wherever it was, I would have to buy the car.


Its stupid to think they can get away with it and once they bring it over they'll automatically presume that I'll buy that vehicle.


Anyway, I finally AFTER 3 BLOOMING HOURS I walked out.




I had seen another vehicle at Keighley Ford and I decided to go and see it a week later. I arrived at Keighley Ford and after 3 minutes a guy came out and asked me if I needed any help, I replied "no not just yet". He replied saying "I'll be inside if you need me". A nice guy I thought.


After I looked at the cars, I spotted two I was interested in. I opted for the 3door (there was also a 5door). I went inside and spoke to the person and I told him I was interested in a vehicle, we walked outside and I he went back inside to get the keys. I noticed the price of the vehicle was £300 more than that on the website, he said he would go with the cheaper website price. I sat inside the 1.4 and said I liked it very much. I got out and he asked if I wanted a test drive. I said "yes". After we came back and both got outside. He asked me if I could sell me it. I replied saying "If the price is right".


We both went inside the showroom to his desk. Took my details and asked for my keys to my car. He came back, went to away for a few minutes upstairs, Then he came back saying that I would get £1120 for MY car. I was shocked!!


He worked it all out. I said to him that I wanted 2 years warranty and he gave me a discount price, which was very good of him!


The total cost of the vehicle was cheaper than I thought it would be and I bought the 1.4.

He even filled the car up a 1/4 full then I didn't have to buy any fuel as soon as I pick the car up.


I just wished I had gone to Keighley Ford in the first place and not anywhere else!



Now I'm a proud owner of  a Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCi Titanium with 25,600 miles in the clock. :D



I wouldn't recomment Bristol Street Motors to anyone!


Some do try to bend you over a little bit. They give you less for your car so that they can make a markup on it (standard trick, i.e. I sold my Cee'd to the cowboys I bought my car from and they told me they wouldnt want it, bought it off me for 3500, told me he couldnt sell that car and needed to speak to a few people who he would be looking to buy it on behalf of... long story short, he then sold my Ceed for about 1500 profit... The dealers wherent going to give me a lot for my car anyway but they all would have done it.


As for the argument of "well if we bring it over you have to buy it" I have never heard so much drivvle in my life! I have dealt with dealers who are all part of the same network, and will transfer a car to you on the understanding you are looking with interest to buy, but not a forced sale, they wont transfer it over if you say I might come back and look at it...


Are BSM an independent? if so I can see why they are taking the mick a tad, its better for their profits, but to transfer a car can cost up to £300 if they use a third party, but most dealerships will use their own trucks to transport a car to and fro...


It amazes me the efforts some sales men go to, to avoid selling.

Rang evans halshaw in manchester as I'd spotted a car I really liked the look of, but it was at their hull dealership. They told me I'd have to ring that dealer to see if they will send it to Manchester, I did that who then told me Manchester can arrange it all and that I should ring them.

Rang Manchester again who tried their hardest to locate the car which I was looking at on my computer screen to no avail. I said maybe its sold then, the guy tells me he will ring hull and find out. I get a call from him around 20mins later saying yeah it's sold I'm afraid, I left it for a few hours and had another look for a car, the same car was on eBay, auto trader and still on their website so I decided to ring the hull dealership as I don't trust anyone, low and behold the car was still available.

Needless to say I bought jack from evans and took my money elsewhere.


Congrats on your new car!


I've had a bad experience with Evans Halshaw as well. Looking at a 1.3cdti C**** for my Mum mainly as she wanted a car that was £30 or less road tax. They offered her 500 as part-ex. Bearing in mind had offered 675, we laughed in their face. (The old car was a 2003 Rover 25, with around 30K on the clock and mint condition). We test drove and agreed to buy one car, after they agreed to match the £675 part-ex price. Then got a call about a week later, saying that they had found a fault with the car and couldn't sell it to us. They sourced us another similar one, which we then agreed to buy. We asked specifically if it was tax band C (£30), and the salesman agreed, and charged us £30 for one years road tax.


We then found the £675 Rover 25 for sale a couple of weeks later for £2100!

And the Corsa later turned out to be £100 road tax when it came for renewal. So not only had they lied, they had deliberately mis-sold it. Not happy.


Congrats on your new car!


Thank you


This has nothing to do with dealerships but......


My last car was a Ford Fiesta 2004reg which I bought in 2009. I only got 1 months warranty on it. I had a problem with the gearbox just after the warranty ended. It was difficult to change gears in 1st, 2nd and 3rd. I drove to the garage and they told me they couldn't do anything about it, like replace the gearbox........


I took it to a trustworthy garage somewhere else, I explained the problem and the owner lent me a courtesy car while he drove my car to and from his house over night. He told me that he would take the gearbox apart and find the problem. A week later he told me that he couldn't find anything wrong with it. He does know what he's doing but he was actually stumped by this problem I had. He said that he could replace the gearbox, but since it would cost me a bomb, I decided not to. He put the gearbox back in the car. It was rather bad when driving up hill while changing gears which was a pain, but I managed.  Ever since changing the oil every year while having the car serviced, it seemed to easier to change gears.


In one year when it snowed quite badly, I drove to work. When it was time to go home, I tried starting the car but it wouldn't turn over. I waited at least 3 hours for the breakdown rescue and he wouldn't move the vehicle on to his wagon because of the way it was parked and because there was snow on the ground. I told my dad and a week later my dad rang my breakdown service, and told them about the situation and they agreed to get someone out to take my car to a garage. My uncle went for back up. They drove to where my car was, and the recovery vehicle came,
luckily it was the same bloke who came before. My dad and uncle argued with him and he EVENTUALLY agreed to move it.


The garage owner said he would take a look at it and see what went wrong, and he said it was a bent con rod. Water had gone in to the pistons and it damaged it qute badly. I needed a new engine, this cost me £600. I only got the car back just in time for xmas.


I've had a lot of trouble with cars and them breaking down on me all the time. And I very much hope this new one doesn't break down.




If you have written details of communication, I would report them to the office of fair trading (or consumer direct) and advise what your rights are, you should be able to seek reconciliation as they have lied to you, and you could well get compensation...


as for the selling of the rover, this is just how all part ex companies work. If the car can be made to sell for more, it will, otherwise they take it a apart and sell it as used parts online, or sell it to a breaker for more still...


If you have written details of communication, I would report them to the office of fair trading (or consumer direct) and advise what your rights are, you should be able to seek reconciliation as they have lied to you, and you could well get compensation...
as for the selling of the rover, this is just how all part ex companies work. If the car can be made to sell for more, it will, otherwise they take it a apart and sell it as used parts online, or sell it to a breaker for more still...

Thanks for the info. Unfortunately we have no real evidence of this - it'd be our word against his. I can guarantee I will never buy a car from Evans halshaw again.

And with the part ex, I appreciate that they have to make a profit. But the amount of profit is disgusting. Making it seem like they were giving us a great deal, only to sell it for four times the price? Given the selling price I would have thought nearer to £1500 was a great deal for us, especially as the corsa was overpriced in the first place.

I entirely agree, sometimes its best to look on auto trader, and see what the private sale rate is, if you feel that you could sell it privately, its always better to do so. Part Ex is the best answer if you need a "get rid quick" answer, for example, if you dont have space to store the car, the time or facilities to sell privately. Unfortunately, because Part Ex is of this nature, you do get the industry exploiting you for the pleasure.


If you have anything in writing that could support your claim, follow it up if you have the time and patience to do so, go with the approach "anything is a bonus" and you wont be disappointed if it doesnt go so well.

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