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Full Version: Need Your Opinion Please
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Hi !

 I plan to buy this "Air intake system" for my 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Do anyone have already install this system ? I need your feed back please.


Hello and welcome to the forum!

On the video (1:07)   looking at the claimed power/ torque figures -

It boosts power/ torque between 3800 - 4500rpm with an 11hp gain at 4100,  at higher revs (above 4600rpm) it follows the stock power curve with just a 2.38Hp increase (they say you need a 10% increase to notice any difference)


So the only real gain is between about 3800 and 4500rpm (with significantly more power/ torque) and above this it makes hardly any difference, the extra power/ torque at low revs may mean the car pulls a higher gear better (so less gear changes may be nessesary) but will not really improve ultimate power at the top end (or above  4600) by a noticable amount


Often cone filters are fitted under the bonnet where they can draw warm/ hot air, (which can loose power) and these set-ups are measured on a dyno with the bonnet open (which is fine on the dyno, but not when you are driving the car)


This one looks like it is fitted low down, where it can draw cool air so it may not loose power once the heat builds up under the bonnet


It also looks very well made, the use of a dry filter is interesting, i wonder how you clean it?


I would imagine it is expensive - is it worth the 2.38HP gain above 4600? probably not - a remap (or a remap as well + a freer-flowing exhaust - would almost certainly bring bigger gains


Apart from the cost of the CAI(S) you have to consider the warrantee and insurance issues, many of these "performance" filters allow tiny dust particles through that can cause contamination & bore wear ( some filter better once they have a layer of dirt on them) - so the airflow is improved but by compromising the filtering efficiency compared to a "stock" paper filter - this is probably why most car manufacturers use paper filters


 Its only a small percentage of fine dust particles some of these filters let through -  (so its probably not a major problem) but the paper filters let hardly any through at all 


Thx u for this complete and clear reply !

yeah... its really not a good gain of power and I never push my Fiesta between 3800-4500 rpm, cuz I just buy this car for the good (L/100KM) economy ,the awesome style and for the best comfort on highway in this car categories.


So I better upgreate the exhaust system if I am looking for more (L/100KM) economy ?


if your looking for economy maybe replace the panel filter with a green or k&n panel for a lot less money but similar gains instead of an induction kit


Also make sure these types of filter are legal in your state, as some states have regulations on these kinds of filters (I assume you're from the US seeing you have a US spec Fiesta :P )


if your looking for economy maybe replace the panel filter with a green or k&n panel for a lot less money but similar gains instead of an induction kit


Thx for ur sugestion, can I order those panels filter, green or k&n at Ford original dealer place ? ?

Doubt it but they should have theyre own us website id imagine or try ebay

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