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Full Version: Electrical Problems
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Hi guys I've recently purchased a 1996 Escort LX. It's been 20 years since my XR3I so I knew what to expect. Overall a great car but blower doesn't work and the interior lights, cigar lighter and radio packed up yesterday. I've checked all the fuses (numerous times) and relays and all seem ok. Was wondering if it's a dodgy earth somewhere. Any help or advice would be very much appreciated. Thanks Matt


would check to see if any of the non working items are getting a feed, if not you might have a problem with the fuse box itself,

if they are getting a live feed, then could be an earth problem on that section of loom

I re-checked all the fuses and though and behold a 15amp fuse had blown. I was probably looking through Stevie Wonder's eyes! That cured the lights,lighter and radio problem. There is power coming into the fuse for the blower but nothing at the blower switch. I've been told I could loop the blower fuse but I'm not too sure what I'm doing. Might be a job for a auto electrician, thanks for the advice wase16ll

if the fuse itself is ok, chances are there is a problem with the fusebox itself...easy way to find out is to do a resistence check between the blower switch plug wire to the fuse..

can do a temp test of the switch/motor etc by just running a 12v feed to the 12v live wire on back of switch and turn the blower on.

if that works, then

what they mean by looping is to run a bridge wire between either a spare 12v feed from the fuse box, or any spare 12v supply, bearing in mind you need to connect to similar size/amp wire as the 12v on back of a sufficient amp fuse within that bridge.


new fuseboxes are expensive, but they are repairable, though time consuming and fiddly,

if you opt for a s/hand fuse box, you need to make sure they are the same as there were many different versions of them, plus your problem was fairly common so might end up no better off.

problems are normally down to corrosion/poor contacts within the box, if its only affecting one circuit [as they often did} then a bridge wire is the quickest and cheapest way round the problem, just take care everything is fused and insulated correctly and its perfectly safe

Thanks for all the advice and help, it's very much appreciated. I might have a go if I'm feeling brave enough. Electrical problems aren't my speciality! But you explained it in a way I understand so I will have a go myself. Thanks again, Matt

Hi guys, spent an hour fiddling around this morning, didn't fancy driving to London without air/con working! Took out the blower resistor gave everything a good clean and spray with contact cleaner. Started the car  up and SUCCESS :-)  now have a trip to work with fully functioning blower and cold air/con. Thanks for all the help and advice wase16ll

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