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Full Version: Car Speakers Blown, Dont Know Why
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Hi, Just a quick question (I hope) I use my aux lead with my blackberry phone to play my music fru my car speakers have done for over 2 yrs since ive had the car, when I was driving it suddenly stopped working I pulled over and tried the radio as well only the passenger speaker works really quitley and very distorted even on volume 30, I have checked the fuse box and they seem to be ok, im not sure what else it could be, I just hope I haven't messed anything big up :unsure:  (Sorry about the spelling lol) Hope you guys can help me, Thank You Louise


possibly have a short somewhere, most likely place is where the wiring passes through into the doors

Is it a hard job to do or do i have to take to a garage, going mad with no music in the car :( thank you for the reply

Check the wires to the rear of the radio for damage or not seating correctly in the connectors.


can be very fiddly if that is where the problem lies, depends on experience with wiring and confidence really.

not difficult, just very fiddly.


can always get it checked on a scanner if you know anyone with the capabilit/equipment to do can be tested along with all speaker would expect a fault code or two with problem your experiencing...this would eliminate stripping car down bit by bit looking for the problem

Loz Cheung

was blasting out Bieber the culprit.....?


i had this happen a few times before with a previous fiesta, it fixed itself the next time i drove it though, so it was quite annoying if it happened at the beginning of a long journey!


fully deserved then if you were blasting out Bieber, Loz :)


If your using direct Head phone out to Aux in ? , then having your volume set to high can damage your Radio unit , as your turning your device into  a Pre-Amp and forcing the signal power over the standard setting , which can cause the basic amplifier in the radio to fail or over heat , have you tried it since it went off? , letting it cool may correct it .


If your volume settings goes upto 10 , then max setting should be 6 pushing in , to reduce the frequency that the radio has to deal with.

Loz Cheung

fully deserved then if you were blasting out Bieber, Loz :)


hahaha! well played, walked into that one :oops:


i cant redeem myself after that one!


same thing happened to me in my s1600 fiesta if you press menu on your audio unit and go into dsp occupancy and change that to driver then put it back to optimse all then switch it off and back on and you should find that you will get sound out all speakers again. Hope you find this useful


Haha loved the bieber comment but not a fan, sounds like you guys are tho :P. Ive pulled the radio front out and checked all the wiring and took the aux lead out as well n tried it that way to see if that was the prob n even with aux lead out it still don't work, all fuses are fine as well, prob blow the speakers knowing my luck and I don't have the option on to change it to driver either, will have to go to a garage n get them to do it :( pain but I cant go any longer without music. Thanks for all the replys guys :)

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