OK so, I have recently been installing DRL's and I noticed that fuse 26 was empty. As part of my playing I was trying to install the DRLs onto a piggy back fuse there. When I took the piggy back out and tried to start the car I had "transmission failure" not particularly good, and gave me a bit of a fright!


Having gone back, checked the manuals, there should have been a 10amp fuse there from day 1, but there never was! seems that a bit of metal of some sort was shorting it for the last 6 months and beyond, which means it was never fused. Playing with the DRL install meant that I uncovered this error by chance!


I put a 10 amp fuse in there and all is well and behaving itself, so I would suggest you all check (especially second hand owners) make sure that the fuse is there, and make sure ALL your appropriate fuses are in the auxiliary bay specifically, but do check your passenger fusebox as well!