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Full Version: My Focus Titanium Mk2.5
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Hi everyone, first post in this forum.


Just bought my second Focus, a Mk2.5 Titanium. Got a few plans for it already and thought i'd keep a log of what i get done. Any idea's, feedback and comments would be much appreciated.

Here she is when i first got her home:



First thing i did was hive her a good wash and wax:






Very pleased with the car so far and hopefully will be updating often. What's everyone's thoughts?


Looks very nice! As for suggestions you could look at Lenny and Hyrule's threads on their cars. Interior lighting and the matching reverse/Fog lights is great for these cars. Of if you're like FOCA go the whole hog and mod everything. ;) 


Looking good mate. My advise start small lol. Do interior LED's, boot and glove box LED pads, heater control knobs and rear fog conversion.


Then funds allowing head onto the bigger stuff ;)


Yeah fogs and led's are a definite. Already got the led sidelights in, just need to do the interior ones. Was thinking blue for foot wells (after seeing how good they look in your Hyrule) and white everywhere else. 


Anyone know if theres a way to fit 2 bulbs in the fog housings? The plan being to wire 2 fog lights and 2 reverse lights. 


Not much of an update but its been a great weekend so had a bit of a road trip. 

Glad its got aircon..

First chance iv had on twisting a roads since i got the car and I'm very impressed. Not the best photographer in the world so forgive me. 

Also got some pics of my led side lights at night. Again sorry about the horrible photos.

Currently waiting for carbon wrap to arrive so i can start on the chrome and interior. Not sure how the carbon effect will look against the black paint so might end up color coding instead. More updates soon. 

Looks good,
Looking forward to seeing the progress updates on this thread.

Looks nice mate, my sidelight halogen bulbs just went, tempted to put LED's in, but I know ill end up breaking the flimsy housing. Got a link to the ones you used at all?


Looking good mate , i'm sure you will find plenty of things to do from everyones guide .


I used these


Can get led bulbs a lot cheaper but i find the cheap ones tend to need changing as often as halogen bulbs. There bad for blowing a few leds at a time, if that makes sense.


Another shot of the sidelights


Sorry about the lack of updates. Had some unexpected financial problems as of late. Good news is i think their ending and i can get back to work on the car.


Got a few things planned:

  • Colour code chrome trim.
  • LHD reverse light with dual fog and reverse at both sides.
  • Currently looking into a few performance options but not sure which path im going down yet.

Hopefully be updating properly soon and some pics of my new leds:)


will look forwred to the following mods fella


Small update:


I spent Wednesday night removing the "obstructive plastic" part of the air intake. 

Thanks to Vinnie for the idea and info. For me this is just as a test as I don't know what this plastic part is for. I may re install if I find out it's to keep water/muck out but i'm hoping its just a silencer of some kind.


Also got some pics of my new headlight bulbs, so much cleaner looking that the stock ones and just as much light on the road while driving. Compared to the fog lights and my 6000k side lights.


More to come soon.


Finally an update!


Been rather busy with moving and starting a new job recently so the poor cars been neglected. Put 6000 miles on her now it's service time. Got some parcels with service stuff today as well as this... ;)








Also got round to finishing my LED upgrade all round, will get pics when i do the service at the weekend. Got mudflaps on order too..




The weekend job is a service so getting the new filter installed.

From this:


To this...



Certainly needed the change. Noticed an instant improvement in the throttle response.

So you have a link for that please :-)
Any difference in sound ??

So you have a link for that please :-)
Any difference in sound ??

Best price I could find when I bought mine -,0L_-_Standard_Replacement_Filter/product_info.html

Came the next day so definitely recommend.


Notice a bit more roar for sure. Lenny has a thread on here if you have't already seen it, very useful:)

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