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Full Version: Disgraceful
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Pulled into southwaithe services on my way south to Blackpool today, a medium size transit hire van being driven by some woman who pulled out of her parking space and cut across the car park instead of driving through thr designated road, in doing so she misjudged her turn when turning left by a parked car and crunch. She got out of the hire van to see the back corner of the BMW M3 that she'd just mangled. Asif this wasnt bad enough she then proceeded to jump back in the van and drive off! I was outraged id be fuming if it happened to me so I took a note of the womans reg as she sped off and waited by the car for the couple who owned it to come back and passed the details onto them along with mine and another guys details who had also witnessed it. In the middle of a busy car park too :S its realy a no brainer that you'd wait the womans just dug herself a big hole when she could have just sorted it through the insurance
Good effort.
She'll be prosecuted for leaving the scene of an accident too.
I hope they stuff her.
I bet the couple were somewhat relieved when you passed over the information, given the circs. It's reassuring to know there are still honest people left walking this planet.

Good on you bro! I bet they were relieved! There is your good deed of the day - you should feel great!

What kind of punishment do you normally get for leaving the scene of an accident?

The maximum penalty for failing to stop after an accident is 5 – 10 penalty points, a fine of up to £5000 and a driving ban at the discretion of the court

It is an offence for a person being the driver of a mechanically propelled vehicle and owing to the presence of that vehicle on the road or other such public place an accident having occurred whereby damage or injury was caused did fail to stop and give his name and address and identification marks of the vehicle.
Road Traffic Act 1988 s 170 (2)


There is a strict duty upon motorists to stop and provide information, to people who reasonably request it, after an accident involving damage to property or injury to a person.

It is important to note that you can be guilty of failure to stop even if the accident is no fault of yours.

As with lot of road traffic offences, failing to stop is widely defined.

It does not have to involve a motor vehicle as the Act refers to mechanically propelled vehicle. The definition of ‘accident’ tends to be regarded in a common sense way. Any ‘injury’ to a person does not have to be physical injury and can even include nervous shock.


Useful info-

Me too bang out of order. Cant stand people like that

Nice one bro, good to know you went the extra mile to help the owner of the M3, nasty driving by the female. Thank god they got rid of the whole female get cheaper car insurance bull.


Clive I am sort of doubtful the insurance company will even bother letting the police know, they will try to keep the cost low as possible. Even if they do the judge will probably pinch her bum and tell her not to do it again then let her go hahaha, the justice system... yeahh

The person who's car she hit should report her.

lol "Ain't nobody got time fo' that" I was involve in a hit and run, reported it to the police, 30 days later got a letter telling me the case has been closed. I hope they do report her though

Yeah they phoned 101 while I was there and then their insurance
Guy working with me was parked at a store. Some one hit him the rear of the car which took off the bumper lol, then hit the huge flower pot that was infront of the car. So he has no back bumper and has a orange front one on a grey car. No eye witness, now I live in France no one would ever stay to say hey this guy hit you, I hate this type of mentality. Well anyways the insurance doesn't believe he got hit, two experts checked the car and said he was lying about it all. Now he drives his beetle cause he ashamed to take his nice insignia to work.

But anyways good on you for staying there. :)

I did this once. Was at a firework display, parked in the grass the guy opens his door and slams It into the car parked right next to it. I was watching and he couldn't even get the door out of the other car without moving the car back, he drove off I got the plate and left the paper under the wiper.
Its just daft cause this woman obviously must have been insured if its a rental vehicle so from something that was a genuine innocent mistake that the insurance companies would have sorted out, shes given herself a whole load of bother. Like I said it was in the middle of an extremely busy car park so its not like nobody would've seen her

She would have to explain the damage to the hire company as well, and then lets see what excuse she uses when she tries to advise whos car she hit.


Good on you for stopping, I stop for small things, had a guy reverse into a car on the road outside my house. he hit the car then drove off down the road and parked up, took the number plate, popped a note under his windscreen and told him to give me a call. He did within an hour, and confronted the guy who hit him, he outright denied it, even when told there was witnesses.


There was no present damage that was worth him pursuing it, but he at least confronted him and pushed him...


One did it to my sisters step-son some years back, T-Boned him in Sheffield then did a bunk, when the boys in blue turned up they asked if he got the index of the car, he proudly held up the front bumper of the fiesta that hit him complete with the front number plate.


The person who's car she hit should report her.

My son did this when woman wrote his car off a few months back, police interviewed her she said she didn't even know she had hit him, then they dropped the case, explanation "lack of independant witnesses" but she admits it to her insurance? He has suffered 6 months of hell sorting it all out she gets away with b****r all. Needless to say his opinion of the police is not that good at the moment, as he says if he'd hit her he would probably have been in a cell.


Good you were there. People like this make my blood boil. Similar thing, this happened to me in a petrol station back when I had my Golf. I didn't even see the person but heard my car alarm go off. Came out to find the front bumper hanging off and and massive dent in the side. Plenty of witnesses but such hassle going through insurance. Wish they would get seriously tough of driving offences such as this and in general. 

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