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Full Version: Crash (With Pictures)
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Had my first crash the other day folks, so so gutted.

At a junction of a residential area, stationary indicating right, look both ways (twice) and pull out, only to be met by a 4x4 hammering it around the bend. It was like slow motion, I knew it was about to crash into me so I slammed by foot on the accelerator and the 4x4 made contact with the rear offside of my car. Undrivable, alloy bent inwards and damage to the rear corner, very close to my fuel cap.

Cannot prove the other vehicles speed and as it was their right of way, I am to blame in the eyes of the insurers. In the meantime my car is at a workshop and I'm awaiting to find out the cost of repair so I can choose to do it away from the insurance and just pay (as my excess is £1000 :/) and have it as a notification only, or if it will be more then I'm going to have to stump up some cash.

No injuries to both parties, that is the main thing but I find myself worrying when I am driving and although I know I looked twice and looked as you should, I'm questioning my own abilities. It could be a bit of both of us to blame but the facts are this is the state of my Focus :(








How bad does this damage look folks?






The natural reaction for most drivers in these situations is to slam on the brakes - If you had not accelerated when you did it may have been much worse - you may have prevented injury and/or more serious damage to yourself and the other party


Gutted for you - the damage can sometimes be much worse than it looks - or vice versa - £1000 is a large exess


Put it this way, when a bike hit my car while parked last year the total cost of repairs was £1500.

Yours looks worse but hopefully just a wheel, wing and bumper but £1000 excess? ouch.

Could be new suspension arm, damper, wheel maybe new hub assembly, fix the rear quarter and door, new bumper. But if the floor pan in the boot is damaged it prob be a write off.

Very sad mate and i am sorry for you, Thankfully no one was hurt. Injury to people can really f up your insurance. I know exactly how you feel being the one at fault with no evidence to your defence. I know in this instant a dash cam would not have help but i am installing one with my auto light mod and will make some recommendation for anyone else who may be interested in having a dash cam.


The next few days or week will be very disturbing for you and more so driving, my best advice to you is to stay calm and pull over take a break if you feel overwhelmed by this incident, it will knock your confidence on the road being your fault or not and it will become a mental distraction, potentially putting you at higher risk on the road, be aware of this within the following coming weeks.


Again dude really sorry about it all.


On the subject of damage, seems the drums and hub will need sorting... as a pair, hopefully the wheel did not hit the suspension and i don't think the axle would be damaged, of course i cannot tell for sure mate. I know that you're in a state ATM mate but approach the garage will confidence they will try squeeze money off you in desperate times, possibly if you can shop around ask questions at other garages (Show them the pictures) before revisiting the current garage that has your car get an estimated quote over the phone do as much as you can before letting them come up with a final price

The main thing is your not hurt mate,
The damage isint that bad to be honest your expensive panel such as rear bumper diffuser and door are almost untouched,
Your suspension struts on both sides will need checking swell as springs as the impact may have twisted these
Lucky your fuel tank wasn't burst
And well done on accelerating out of the way because had you been hit full side then your motor would be a write off with warped chassis,
A new rear quarter panel should see you right for most of it,
And if springs/shocks are damaged then its a good time to upgrade.
I've had my rear bumper off before so here is what lyes beneath:
Bumper bracket is riveted to bumper then one bolt through rear quarter panel,
That's the bumper bracket there skeleton like frame costs around 12 pounds from Ford
Id try source parts myself then shop around for fitting spraying

If you remove the rear bumper including bumper bracket,
Then remove the tail light and perhaps rear side door seal
Possibly the side skirt too

This will reveal all the spot welds of the rear quarter panel,
All they need to do is drill out the weld centres then remove and replace the panel
Spot weld on the holes
Sand smooth
Prime and paint,

As for the rear bumper and rim you can do them yourself for less,
And any tyre place can check your wheel alignment and laser tracking for an independent advisory on the condition of your hubs shocks and springs if any impact has occourd to them.
Not so bad mate look positive,

Sorry to hear of your misfortune, give your story honestly to the insurer and if he claims on you, they may see it as joint liability, or if you describe his speed to be excessive, it would be down to him to prove he wasnt speeding... best case, the insurer blames him as if you were commited and moving and he hit you whilst you had the priority (your already there) then the blame may go the other way...


Gutted for you Rh1no , the damage even with a cheap garage will cost more than your 1000. Hope you get it sort ok m8


First crashes are always the worst, and no one is going to be harder on yourself than you. This is why you are questioning your abilities. One thing I remember on passing my test, is my instructor saying, "never let an accident define you, but learn from it, and move on.".

From your description sounds like a classic case of 4x4 and roundabout mentality, but your quick thinking by accelerating instead of braking, made a huge difference to the outcome. You will probably be a little shaken but your confidence will return. Main thing to remember is no one was hurt, and that cars can be replaced, whereas you cannot.


Hope you get it fixed.  :)


Thanks folks.


Got an email today from the insurance company stating that the garage had sent them pictures and details and have authorised repairs on my Focus but they do not have an estimated time when it will be ready. Yes it's going to cost me £1000 but I love my Focus and this has made me want to a) look into advanced driving with a possibility of doing the IAM Test, and b) treat the Focus when the cash is around to some TLC (alloy refurb, exhaust tips etc).


The 62 plate Micra will have to do for now until my Focus is home!

Gutted for u mate. I had a similar thing in my last focus and i was devastated!

Tho I had major work done on mine and I'm convinced it never drove the same I still loved it and tuned it and cared for it.... I sound like I'm talking about a puppy or kitten lol!!

Your ok that's the main thing!

aw mate gutted for you but your not hurt which is the main thing. hope it all gets sorted out quickly for you mate.


glad to see the work is progressing mate! advanced driving is a benefit if you feel nervous, not sure when you passed your test, but Pass Plus might be a good place to start, as for the IAM, its an expensive course. the best thing you can do is see if you can befriend a member and get some tips from them :)


Thanks guys. I did my Pass Plus 4 years ago when I passed, not a nervous driver to be honest but as you can imagine It has knocked me a bit.

IAM is about £140 I think... That gets you the "lessons" assessment and membership for a year I think...

Taking the Micra courtesy car back this week and getting the Focus back, £1000 excess but my god will I be happy to have her back.


I hate car insurance, I had a £750 excess when I had my accident a few years back. Its horrendous that the only way to make your insurance of an "average run of the mill car" affordable, you have to gamble such a high penalty in order to be able to afford it...


Got her back out of the bodyshop, good as new. Happy man smile.gif

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