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Full Version: Am I Missing My Air Filter ?!
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It got through it's NCT (MOT) no problem.. but I was looking for it today and couldn't find it !


I've attached pics of the engine bay and where I think it's missing from..


your air filter is in the box held down with 3 torx screws. in the first picture you have you hand over it. open that up and it in there.


(the flat bow with traces of fingers in the dust on it )


Thanks ! Do you have any idea what that open pipe is for ? It looks like it's missing something, there's a clip at the end of it  :wacko:


You're missing this piece.

Now you will suck in more warm air because you will just get it from underneath the bonnet. With the missing pipe/hose it gets it's air from the opening between the radiator and the left headlight. That's cooler air.


And assuming this is the same engin as i had in my fiesta 1.4tdci you will also be missing another pipe that goes behind that air filter box, it connects to the first one that gombal put a picture of. It starts at the grill and straight back to the filterbox, then goesbehind the box and connects somewhere down there. I think gombal could give you a good picture of his motor.


unless its still there


As far as i can see you're only missing the part i mentioned. Nicked one of you're pics and circled were the piece of missing pipe/tube should go.

The circled piece is the one mentioned by Nicolas, it runs to the back of the airfilterbox and goes in underneath the box. If you open you're airfilterbox things will be clear.

I'll try to find a drawing so it will really become clear how the air flow goes so you don't have to open your airfilterbox ;)


I think this will clear things up:

Red: dirty air

Blue: filtered air

Purple: compressed air


As you can see you're only missing the first part.

( 12B579 is you're MAF, the thing which is held by bolt 9U435 is the pressure sensor, 12A697 is the temperature sensor, 9F763 is the resonatorbox, will be posting pics of a opened version in my own thread ;) )


Thanks for the help Nicolas !  :)


As always you're a life saver Arjen, how much do you think a new pip will set me back ? Will try to get one from a car being broken or scrap yard. The temp is reading perfect on the car all the same... 


Thanks guys !  ^_^


Thanks ^_^ , that's what's a forum is for i think, to help each other out!


I think the scrapyard is the most economical option. New it will set you back about 110 euro!

Didn't see anything on Ebay either.

Number for the pipe is: 2S61-9A673-EC (FINIScode 1254400)


(Nice site to check dealer prices of Ford stuff: )

(Nice site to search parts and numbers: )


And you won't see it on the engine temp. I have a Scangauge II so i can see a lot more data live from the ECU ;) . I can see the inlet temperature so that's why i know the modification i made works for getting cooler air into the engine.

Also have a bluetooth OBD2 dongle, together with Torque for Android you can also see a lot of interesting data and even log it.

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