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Full Version: 2012 Focus Alarm
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The alarm on my 2012 focus estate keeps going off during this hot weather. I assume that its the heat & over sensitivity that sets it off. What really worries me is what if it goes off when I am not around. Will it go off indefinitely or is there a cut out after a period of time.  Currently it seems to go off for about 30 seconds then stops, and restarts soon again. I am assuming that there is a cut off when it won't start all over again,- anybody know?




Normally alarms go off anywhere between around 30 seconds to 5 minutes, and the alarm noise stops, the indicators may continue to flash for up to 15 minutes, however the alarm shouldn't persist for longer than this.


I would advise taking the car back to Ford, as the sensitivity should be reduced or any faulty part should be replaced under warranty.


To pin it down to the sensors , on swithcing ignition off , select to deactivate the sensors , then if it does not go off you know its a sensor fault.


Mine tends to trip in winter months if i have had the temp high and get out of the car quickly and then it triggers. , If i get out of the car and let a decent ammount of new air into the car it does not go off.

Never had an issue with mine

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