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Full Version: 53 Mondeo Tdci 2.0 115 Fuel Economy 42Mpg
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Hi guys, did a fill test on my mondeo today as im driving 1000 miles to Poland, this is the procedure i took, brimmed my tank (first click) yesterday and did 10 miles of urban driving, 90 miles of motorway driving, actual reading was 99.6 miles when i refilled to first click. used same garage and i believe same pump.


it took 10.6 litres so i did this sum 99.8 (miles) divided with 10.6 (litres) x 4.5 (litres in a gallon) = 42.36 MPG


Please tell me ive done something wrong as i feel it should be higher, Cars regularly maintained, isnt smoking, no loss of power but have recently cleaned out the EGR valve, no reference before EGR valve though as this is the first time ive tested. engine sounds great, oil and filter change air and oil just over 500 miles ago.


Going to try again tomorrow in Hamm, Germany, about 500 miles from Bristol UK, so should be in range of a full tank, maybe a little more accurate if i use more fuel. will update this post.


But 42mpg seems a little off, was expecting about 58mpg maybe 60ish mpg on a staedy motor way run at 70mph


What do you guys think?


You've got to do such a mpg test over a much longer period and over many more miles to get a sensible figure.  You're doing the maths right, but do it over a few years, accounting for every litre you put in and reading the mileometer at the end of the test.  A gallon is 4.5461 litres btw.


Remember that the mileometer probably over-reads by 7%, so reduce your mileage by that amount.


I agree that if you're going to put up with all the diesel's disadvantages you certainly want to better 42mpg.  My 1.8 litre petrol Mondeo did 43.36 mpg over the 12 years I owned it.  I sold it this year.

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