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Full Version: Clarity On The Smax Usb Connection
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I have read numerous SMax forum threads relating to the use of Ipods etc via the radio unit but can not quite find the answer to my question.


I have just bought a 59 plate Smax Titanium. I checked before buying the car and saw that it only had the 3.5mm connection but From the Ford website I thought it would play music via bluetooth (iphone 5). Having tried it yesterday the only Aux input listed is via the 3.5mm cable.


I am not too worried about music via bluetooth as I have an old iPod that I want to connect via the standard USB connection.


My question is; can I add the USB feature to my existing bluetooth module or do I need to buy an entirely new BT box (and all the wiring and reprogramming that goes with it). is it the silly ford thing where if you have USB then you also have BT music? and you can't have one without the other.


Having had the same issue with my wife's Fiesta I thought I had been diligent enough this time round by checking the Ford website but clearly not.


Any advise gratefully received.


You need at least the USB BT box - which radio do you have (Ford or Sony)? USB was only available with Sony or satnavs.


Thanks for the quick response. Its the Sony DAB unit.


I know there are many versions of the BT boxes out there and was hoping that there would be one that was reasonably close to my existing one (potentially without the BT music) that required minimal wiring changes or cost.


There's only 2 to do the trick, they are almost identical. One is from the same time as yours, the other is the current production one. Both use the same connector, which is already in your car. The USB cable (and maybe socket) you have to install anyhow.


Thanks for your reply.


Can you please tell me which two units they would be so that I can start looking for them on eBay etc. I am quite happy to install the USB cable as I anticipated having to do that. Would I also need to get the car reprogrammed (the bit I am least comfortable with)?


How's your German?


It sounds like you need 8M5T-19C112-Ax (A for English voice, x for the software version, anything from C onwards should be fine, you can update the box yourself via USB).


I've managed to track down a 8M5T-19C112-AM unit. Whilst that arrives I am trying to sort out the other bits that I will need.


Am I right in thinking that I will need a lead to go from the new unit to form the USB socket. I don't think I am that worried about fitting the correct mounting/ facia piece in the glovebox (unless this is easier), just the cable with the female USB on the end.


Can I use a standard iPod cable and 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead or do I need the Y cable available from several places.


Finally, updating the unit with a computer. I assume I will need some specific software. I haven't found any guides that explain this part of the process, just lots of people asking where they can go to get the IDS done. I have a laptop and can source what I guess needs to be male USB to male USB cable. 


Thanks again to anyone that can help.


You only need USB (not analog 3.5mm) with the recent software versions (not sure how recent *M is). The update is performed with the USB drive, files and instructions from here:


Thanks again for the reply. I had anticipated having to make a modification to the IDS system to let the connet+ system know that there were now new ways to connect, I assume that this is simply sorted by the radio.


The only other remaining question then is what lead I need from the BT module to get the USB socket.


Ford order no  1720866 seems to be the correct lead.


So things are sounding fairly straight forward so far. I tried scoping out the removal of the glove box yesterday and couldn't work out where to start. There appear to be some torqx screws to one side and at the top but other panels and the door to the glove box seem to be in the way.


I have searched this and other forums for a walk through of how to remove the glovebox and it is either too easy to show or I am not looking in the right place. Plenty of other model fords but not the Smax. Can someone please point me in the right direction.




This topic has been covered many times on

Have a search on there.


Thanks for the recommendation. I had been toying with the £10 full registration (already have the free membership) but it sounds like it is worth paying for the full access. Just a shame you can see snippets or thread titles of what you are subscribing to until you pay your money.


To those that have read this post with similar questions I urge you to spend the £10 at all the info is there in a very user friendly format.


Thanks to those that gave advise. I should have spent the £10 sooner!

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