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Full Version: My Mk2 Focus Estate The Story So Far
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Hi guys and girls

We will start with a little background, I am 45 years young and for as long as i can remember I have messed about with bikes and cars, rode since 6 and drove since 10, I am a maintenance engineer by trade so I am lucky that I can do as much work to my cars that I can be bothered to do. For stuff I cannot be bothered to do, my son in law is a principle manager of a garage so can get decent quotes from him so sometimes not worth my effort.

Well I recently added a new member to my family of Me, our Lass and our boxer dog Hugo, We went and picked this little guy up 10 weeks ago.



He is an Alaskan Malamute and no longer looks like that, now at 17 weeks looks like this at the moment and weighs 3.5 stone



Well the Leon was not practicable for moving the dogs about and was tiring of the leon and Modifying it, so decided to get an estate car. I looked at a few C max's but there were dog rough then went to look at this one localish at around 35 miles away. first impressions was it was the dirtiest road car I had ever seen, he had made no effort for its sale, but he and the car were the genuine thing. he owned it since 2009 used by his wife and as a second car and done 6000 miles a year whilst they owned it, yeah its got a few scratches and dings the biggest being a key mark down the passenger side but at 108000 miles has not got starship miles and is in very good nick for a 2005 motor.

Ive had the car which is a 1.6 tdci Lx for two weeks now and since I got it I have:

replaced two passenger side tyres

serviced it consisting of new oil filter, air filter, fuel filter flushed the oil, and refilled with millers long life eco fully synthetic oil.added injector cleaner.

changed the front windscreen wash nozzles from standard to mist type.

changed number plates as old ones were pealing and cracked.

Cleaned the engine bay.

Fitted a proper non universal dog guard.

and today I debadged the rear of its OCUS badge lol and the tdci as it was knackered, quick machine polish around where the badges were and refitted another tdci badge.


Not got many pics and my camera is useless in sunny weather, all pics are dark but here she is.










The key marks down the pas side ive got to sort out, not sure how much will show in pics.




Will not be going daft with this but would like front fogs, mudflaps, 3 spoke steering wheel and pos alloy wheels, still waiting for my egr blank to come and since I know a good remap-er, might have a word in his ear see what they map like, but that has to be the smallest turbo known to man lol. so not expecting much.

Also have the Cambelt kit on order, Garage doing this because I cant be bothered and aint got lock tools etc, and for £150 all in they are welcome to it  :D

Looks good mate,
I've had my 1.6TDCi remapped over a year ago now, fuel economy is still great and around 30bhp more power than what was,
Upgrade your panel filter too.
Egr blanking will give a little more power too.
The dog is lovely too.

Shame about the key mark,
Alloys would go nicely, perhaps build a ford focus eSTate ;)


Love the front end, not so sure about the back bumper tho, was thinking about tinting my back windows but the dogs would wreck it. like the mirrors but it needs a lot more Lows and spacers on the rear wheels to take them wheels and sit right. 


Love the front end, not so sure about the back bumper tho, was thinking about tinting my back windows but the dogs would wreck it. like the mirrors but it needs a lot more Lows and spacers on the rear wheels to take them wheels and sit right. 

Keep an eye on eBay for breakers with focus estates you could pick up factory tinted windows which have the tint within the glass.
Lowering with 18x8 would be a must, but 18" takes away some power from the 1.6tdci even after remap so if your going for alloys I suggest either 16 or 17" mate
The eSTate rear bumper is a one off custom built using two focus ST rear bumpers and a lot of fibreglass,
The guy who owns/owned it went by the name of ''Big daddy cane'' used to be n the forum over a year ago now,
The guy had skill's to burn, created some great mods on a lot of cars and even installed front and rear led lights to the inside of the brake pads on his bicycle, bored out holes in the pads and inserted LEDs clear for front and red for rear, now that's pimpin :)
Shame he's not on here anymore. An inspiration to us all,

that looks a nice blank canvas to start from fella and love the dog he looks like a lot of fun


Cheers, the blank has arrived today yeyyyyyyyyy, its took its time.

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