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Full Version: S-Max Starting Problem
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Hi all. I have a 2010 Smax zetec which I've had for just over 18months it's always been a bit temperamental in starting in the mornings but today it has refused to start altogether. I have tried on a number of occasions it will try an turn over but after a short while it all goes funny, wipers and hazard lights go off on there own and then it completely cuts out. Anyone know what this could be?

i would start by getting the battery checked as it sounds like its flat.


make sure there are no lights left on in the car,on mine i was having trouble starting it,horrible squeal from the starter,when the missus gets into the car she pulled down the visor and the light was on,it was bloody aint got a scooby on how long it had been left on for,but starts a lot better now,but i do suspect my battery is on its last legs.


Hi I wouldn't think its the battery in itself, you probably have something(electrical fault) that could be draining the battery.Battery is just over 3 years and should still have a couple more years of life left in it.


Water in the alarm module (which is stupidly mounted in the N/S/F wheel arch) would be my bet.

Hi. Thanks for all the replies. I've had the battery and alternator checked and they bothe came back fine but I'm still having the same issues. I've now got an additional problem along, the passenger side rear door won't respond to my fob it won't lock. Every other door locks using the fob alarm but this door refuses to, it's driving me mad!! Any ideas??

take a looksie within the door gators for any frayed/broken wires.


Have you checked the alarm module yet?

Yup I just had my battery changed and everything is back to normal for how long begs the question

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