Currently drive a Mondeo ST TDCI (over 2 years now), it has everything I need but I've just had enough of the brutal ride


I took a 2009 Titanium X Sport 2.2 175bhp (black) for a test drive, and even with the 19" wheels the ride was so much more comfortable, this was 60000 miles at 11.5K, but it had every feature except the TV's in the headrest


Ideally I want to get a white version either 175 or 200bhp but I'd accept any colour, as the twin chrome exhausts have a better look than the single system, but not spend more than 16K


From most of the reviews I've read the premium for the 2.2 Titanium X Sport is too high compared to the 2.0 Titanium X, is the engine lest refined at lower revs?