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Full Version: Good Move Or Just A Way For The Government To Hit Drivers Again?
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Personally im fully behind it although I do think that it'll go to some of these already big headed traffic cops heads
Nothing has changed in terms of changing the law really. It has just made the grey areas more clear.

Everything can be covered by driving without due care and attention, same as use of mobiles.

Hopefully it will bring things to light and people will read their highway codes, I hate lane hoggers. People don't seem to realise it is a requirement of your license to stay up with the highway code, so people have no excuse saying they don't understand motorways.

I think there should be motorway training though, although how you would enforce it I don't know.

The only thing I hope doesn't happen is having police forces down on targets or having a slow day using the "new" rules to pull people on a technicality.

coming back up the m5 from hols yesterday they would have had a field day


I think they should have brought it in a long time ago , as for Police targets , hmmm in most case's police usually get drawn to the fact that the driver has done something wrong or raises suspicion. i would be suprized if any driver could hold his hand up and say he/she has never broken a highway code. :)


Its brill...I wish something like it was over here...lack of knowledge on how to use motorway lanes causes major accidents by passing of other drivers who then get irrate by that idiot've got nothing to worry about if you have two brain cells to rub together


In the past we've had adverts on the TV for things like "the 2 second rule", which some, if not all of you will remember, this was supposedly to stop tailgating, especially on motorways, and as for hogging the middle lane, most car drivers are unaware that goods vehicles over 7.5 tonne are forbidden by law to use the third lane of the motorway unless directed to by a police officer.


I welcome these changes, but do hope that only the most deserving cases are given a ticket, and the police do not see it as a way to increase their revenues


how many people do you still see on there phone behind the wheel? i could count 2 or 3 each day on my short 16 mile trip to work and back, that law has been in for a few years now there we all know its a big problem but there will never be enough man/lady power to support this and stop the offenders.

Unfortunately we can't be everywhere.
Inconsiderare and dangerous drivers deserve what they get.

I wish that video evidence, as captured by motorists would be submissable in court. The amount of people I could have got done for this if I had a camera would be unreal...


I think it is a good idea theoretically, the only thing is, how would the police determine who is middle lane hogging and who is tail gaiting.


How long do you have to spend in the middle lane until you are classed as hogging, or if you over take a car, do you have to move back in as soon as you pass their front bumper so your not hogging or can you give them more distance before returning back into the left


I know this comment is a bit petty to some extent, but, one police officer may give you a fixed penalty where another might not.

Also when roads ahead split into different directions eg, where a motorway splits, some people move into the  lanes a mile or so before the signs come up, would they be classed as lane hogging.


It could end up causing more problems (arguments or courtcases), when one person is nicked for being one distance away from the car in front, but another is let off for a shorter distance.


You should move back in when there is a 2 second gap to the next car which will be in front of you. They are not going to penalise you for staying out with a 2 second gap if you would have to be constantly in and out, but so many people go in the middle lane and never move, but if you have someone behind you and especially if you are doing less than 70, be courteous and get out the way. You should especially move in if the lane to the left of you is moving at the same speed or faster, or if you can see a huge gap.


They have been interviewing people recently on the news and loads of oldies believed that the left most lane was for lorries and they were supposed to be in the middle lane. The first part of motorway lane discipline in the highway code clearly says:


"You should always drive in the left-hand lane when the road ahead is clear. If you are overtaking a number of slower-moving vehicles, you should return to the left-hand lane as soon as you are  safely past."


With regards tailgating, anything closer than 2 seconds is technically tailgating, but this law is more about bullying drivers who drive right up the back of people to try and make them move.


This law isn't about penalising the average driver, it is to enable officers to better tackle anti-social driving and hopefully highlight to people how to drive properly on the motorway and in theory ease traffic congestion - so many times have I seen the A31 become a single lane carriage-way from some lane-hogger too ignorant to pull back in.

Totally agree.
The main problem on motorways etc is once you drop back into lane 1 amongst the hgv and caravans is you can't get out again.
I always try to move to lane 2 when approaching on ramps as it is safer and allows vehicles to match speeds rather than having to jam on the anchors at the end of the slip.
The overarching point really is to use courtesy, manners and above all common sense and everyone can get to their destination safely and stress free.

+2. I consider "middle lane hogging" to be those who are perfectly safe and capable of moving into the left hand lane without needing to apply their brakes. for example, I have just overtaken wagons, and there is a sufficient gap between the wagon and the police car in front, I then move into the inside lane about 4 or 5 car lengths in front of the wagon. If I had to pull in though, and apply my brakes to avoid getting too close to the police car, I personally say that if you are within the legal limit, you shouldn't have a problem then overtaking the police man and then pulling safely in front of him.


By sticking your foot on the anchors in between two vehicles, all your doing is causing a domino affect and risking an accident behind you. So I think Police will look to see if your just sat in the middle lane 'because you can' then your deserving of a ticket. If you can make a good case to the officer and tell him why you believe it wasnt suitable and safe to move over, then if its not unreasonable or 'insensible' then the officer will likely permit you on your way.


With regards tailgaiting, the two second rule is the key. For those who may not have learned it at school, this is the period of time it takes the rear end of the vehicle immediately ahead of you to pass a fixed object, and the front license plate of your car to reach the same point.


For example, if you travel past a road sign, if it takes two or more seconds for your license plate to reach that same sign, that the rear end of the car in front has just passed, great! that's the minimum. If you however pass that same point in less than two seconds, you are at risk of not having a safe thinking, applying and stopping distance, and risk an accident. If you persist to drive at this distance for a period of time, then you will likely be pulled, and most likely be offered a ticking off (nice, happy and non sleep deprived policeman / woman) or a Fixed Penalty notice (for other policeman / woman). If you are constantly two seconds or less behind someone, then you are risking a collision, at 70mph + on the outside lane of a motorway, your expecting at least a three car pile up, and the resources that takes up to clean up / resolve the emergency is expensive.


With regards tailgaiting, I doubt you would be pulled because everyone in front slammed there anchors on, and as part of your slowing down, you are suddenly only 1.99 seconds apart... if you average more than two seconds over a reasonable period, you have nothing to fear.


Most of this, is just enforcing sensible driving.

Its also worth noting that in wet/damp conditions the "2 second rule" double to 4 seconds, also in snow and ice you should leave 10 seconds between yourself and the car in front. (For those who dont already know) it doesnt have to be raining for it to be classed as wet conditions either

I say bad idea. What is middle lane hogging? What it is to me it might not be what it is to the traffic cop on his rounds who decides it's easy process, it's getting in to the realms of giving them a bit too much power, and both experiences with traffic police that my father has had lately have both been bad ones where they've tried to get him.


Also, the only times I remember being tailgated lately was by police... Lol.



bas saph
I think its nearly all balls to be honest.
I think undertaking should be allowed since 1990 every car manufactured has a passenger door mirror.  Why only middle lane what about outside lanes to.
Today I undertook a motor cycle instructor and two learners doing 60 in outside lane of a 70 carriage, why for no reason :(  no turn right for 20 miles
you leave a 2 sec gap and someone will jump in it.  
I hate middle lane hoggers with a passion.  I tow a caravan or trailer’s and often end up stuck with the decision of use outside lane to over take or undertake bearing in mind Im not exceeding 60mph because the dick in middle lane is doing 55-58mph. 
Then you get the dicks your overtaking that suddenly realise your over taking them so they speed up but don’t give you room to pull back in :(  (got a nice video)  I did drop it 2 cogs and boot it past him, before cutting in,  wrong but arse hole deserved it.
The phone side etc I agree with and road hogging yes. tail gating when car infront cant safely allow you past yes,
Tail gating when the car infront shouldn’t be there.  No If your not aggressive some people just wont move,  you use horn flash lights to make them aware you are there and they just sit there. maybe even give you the finger up.
Just today I could have been accused of tailgating even though both times was because cars pulled from lane 1 to over take without increasing speed to accommodate for me in my vehicle doing 70mph on 70mph road They both caused me to brake and drop to around 60mph but I was only 1sec away.  Then the car behind has to break.  for me not to tail gate Id have had to anker up hard causing other vehicles to-do the same.  causing a knock on effect eventually someone further back gone from 70 to 10mph or even stop because one persons pulled out in flowing traffic.  This is what causes accidents not tailgating

if they cause you to brake without suitable reason, they can and will be done (by the right officer) for driving without due care and attention. It wouldnt be your problem.


As for undertaking, its not the best idea, sometimes though its understandable why, but it cant really be viewed positively upon!


You are allowed to undertake in certain circumstances:


"Do not overtake on the left or move to a lane on your left to overtake. In congested conditions, where adjacent lanes of traffic are moving at similar speeds, traffic in left-hand lanes may sometimes be moving faster than traffic to the right. In these conditions you may keep up with the traffic in your lane even if this means passing traffic in the lane to your right. Do not weave in and out of lanes to overtake."


On more than one occasion I have "undertaken" at the end of the M27 (where it meets the A31). You get a middle lane hogger in the middle lane doing 60mph up ahead, the outside lane of the motorway merges into it to become the inside lane of the dual carriageway. I'm in the left lane because it is clear, safe to do so and I'm not a lane hogger then end up going past them at 70mph.


Quite often the stretch up the hill there on the A31, the outside (left most) lane is going faster due to all the lane hoggers now in the inside (right most) lane.

bas saph

god dame Just done m1 and m25 tonight everyone tail gaiting loads of hoggers was the same going north on friday, so far the law made no difference.  I was in lane 1 going past cars that where cruising in lane 3 yet even lane 2 was empty. I tooted a fare few lol.  


unfortunately, just because the law has changed, there are no more enforcers to put onto the trail of these blighters, as a few of our law enforcing friends on the boards will testify to.

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