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Full Version: What Do You Love About Your Ford?
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Each and everyone of us on the forum are passionate about our Ford but what is it about your current Ford that just does it for you? Ive currently got a Ford fiesta mk6 LX model which for those of you who dont know is pretty much a base model ie no air con or fancy gadgets etc. Ive customised it to my own liking and hopefully to some other peoples liking also but id still be quite happy even if I hadn't as through and through its a solid little car ive had very few problems with it and what I have had has been dealt with excellently by Ford. Now my car hasnt got the fancy New ecoboost engine but can still get down to stoke-on-Trent from ardrossan which is approximately 300 miles in just over half a tank which I thinks brilliant for an 03 plate 1.3 :) I know there's better (mostly more expensive) cars than Ford out there but ill be quite happy if I never own another make of car again just from my own personal experience dealing with Ford whenever ive had a problem Ford have bent over backwards to accomodate my needs and Ford general attention to detail and QC on their cars have realy impressed me.
bas saph

Ive had loads of fords.generally there reliable, easy to work on and parts avalabilty and rust lol.  There normally relatively well designed and and have a certain rough rugged ness to them.

Ive owned

Mk1 fiesta 957 and 1117cc love them

mk2 fiesta every cc going 997 crap other great

mk3 fiesta 1.0 horrible car 1.8 rs 1800 i awsome car and 1.3 blah

mk3.5 fiesta 1.3 auto blah

mk4 1.3 ok

mk4 face lift 1,25 pretty decent

Escort mk1 1.1 fab car

Escort mk3 1.4 ok

Escort mk4 1.6 brillant car and 1.4 ok

Ford orion mk2 1.4  nice

Escort mk2 1.3 ok

Escort mk5 1.3 crap 1.4 ok  1.6 estate ok

Escort mk6 1.6 ok 1.8 nice

Ford Granda mk 3 2.8 interesting

Ford transit lol petrol

ford mondeo mk1 1600 blah 2.0 ok

ford mondeo mk1 face lift 2.0 nice

Ka's 1.3 ok for school run lol

various others probably lol

Hope to have a modified 3dr mk2 or mk4 escort estate one day.

Sorry not into the newer ford think 2002 they gave into vanity and comfort lol.

Quite a collection youve had lol :P

Not sure of the attraction, I am always a fan of their driving / handling capabilities. from the 54 fiesta finesse, to my 55 Focus ZC and now the CMAX (lesser extent!) but I just love the quality of materials - its no Jag, but its not tacdky plastic cack all over the place.


They are easyish to modify, and certainly the help and support offered here is a benefit IMHO (the amount of guides and advice I have had over the years!) and to be honest, its just generally value for money. Its a decent quality manufacturing at a decent price! I have not had any problems with my local dealer (plenty of others though) and the insurance group / performance combinations make it affordable!


My 2003 focus was so comfy, when I had problems with my shoulder the kids though it funny when they found me asleep in the drivers seat. Now on a 2008 Fusion as Focus finally started knocking after 382k  - body work still great and she is in the garden just in case I cant get to sleep in bed - actually trying to decide what to do with her now life without a ford isn't an option

I love the way ford technicians look you in the eye while riding you,
On the first service due after your warranty expires.
"Here Comes The Train" "Here Comes The Train"
I loved it so much I tipped my local ford 2euro to purchase a CowBoy hat I won't be Rhode again

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