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Full Version: Cable From Stereo To Jack Back Of Glovebox
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Hi all


Have a mk2 2005 focus lx which doesnt have the cable from the back of the stereo to the back of the jack in glovebox. Phoned local ford dealer yesterday and he started jabbering on about a usb cable and it was £83! I said £83 for a cable? FFS! I think not! lol


I do remember seeing a post once about the lead and it cost about 8-10 quid???? Or have i got that wrong???


Could anyone assist with name of lead or better still part number?


Many thanks



The aux cable kit is about £20 from Ford and the number is 1426121.
Alternatively buy off eBay for the same price-

To be honest the standard fittings are not up to much, too much slop on the socket which causes crossed connections and poor sound.

I use one of these with the wire coming out in the cubbyhole under the demister switches.

No drilling of holes needed and better sound quality.
All you need to do is plug the connector block into the quadlock connector plugged into the rear of the radio.
You need stereo removal keys and although you can plug the connector in without disconnecting the radio, i do recommend you have your radio code handy.

What they were quoting you for was one of these-

Handy if you want your steering controls to be able to skip tracks on an ipod etc but no track listings come up on the stereo screen.

If you need to work out how to pull your stereo out I have a guide for swapping radios under this messsge which describes how to do it in the first section.

Thanks Stoney, this is precisely what information I was after! Why can't Ford be this helpful! First rate response! Cheers!


Is there a female jack to usb lead you can buy? It's just I've had a thought and all my music is on memory sticks? Althought thinking about it it wouldn't recognise it would it?

Ford aren't helpful unless you're paying them and even then you're likely to be disappointed.
If you want to play off sticks then the usb adaptor would be needed.
You could just buy a cheap mp3 player purely for in the car though.

Could you point me in the direction of this usb adapter please?

Thats the one i linked above and Ford were pushing you towards-

ok thanks. I'll just buy one off ebay, sounds far simpler! Ta

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