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Full Version: Boiling Coolant !?!? Fiesta Mk5 Puma Conversion
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Hi guys and girls!


Wondering if anybody has any ideas regarding my boiling cooolant problem??


I've got a X Reg (2000) Mk5 Fiesta and had a Puma lump dropped into it last year. The engine hasn't really missed a beat since it was installed and has ran great! However, I've noticed lately that after a short drive, when I turn the engine off, I can hear to coolant tank making gurggling noises and when I check, the coolant is boiling.

The temp gauge doesn't show any over heating and sits dead centre showing "normal temperature" and the fan won't kick in.

Iv'e just changed the coolant temperature sensor and it hasn't managed to fix it :(

I'm sure the fan works as I heard it the other day when the temp gauge DID go all the way to the right.

It's really weird and I can't figure it out. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!


Thanks in advance!!





Have you checked the coolant expansion tank for cracks and that the cap is sealed tightly?
Both of these will reduce the pressure in the tank and cause the fluid to boil.

Hi All,


Just thought I'd update you all.


The problem has been sorted. Turned out to be a bit of a blockage on the coolant line. The water was flowing but not fast enough. We blew it through and it seems to have done the job nicely as the fan now kicks in. I'm sure that coolant temp sensor was also worth changing.


Thanks to 'Resident Lawman' for trying to help me out!!


Hope this thread might help someone else in the same mess.

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