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Full Version: Fiesta Failed Mot Need Price Check If Possible
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Hey guys i apologise for being brand new and dumping this on you guys but as your all ford mad i thought this would be the best place..



im currently in afghanistan and had my car MOT'd back home via a friend today and this is what it failed on..


This is the list.
Offside reg plate lamp not working
Offside headlight aim too low
Exhuast emitts excesseive smoke or vapour of any colour (black)
Exhuast emitts an excessive level of metered smoke for a turbo charged engine.
Offside front wheel bearing due to binding break.
Nearside front (out of shape) tyre has a lump causer by seperation or partial failure of its structure.
Nearside front (top & bottoms boots) anti roll bar linkage ball joint dust cover excessively deteriorated so that it no longer prevents the ingress of dirt
Nea4side front lower suspension arm ball joint dust cover esseively damaged so that it no longer prevents thr ingrese of dirt.


My question is how much would this cost to fix at a normal garage i would like estimates please if you can

Thank you for reading this is quite urgent and all replies will be extremely appreciated



I wouldn't worry about the reg plate light and headlight aim too much as these are very minor issues compared with some of the others. My biggest concern would be getting the smoke level sorted, this could be caused by many things though so some investigation required there As for the mechanical bits, I would reckon about £250-£350 depending on if you need a new caliper or not.

thank you for the speedy response, i forgot to put on there that the turbo has been refitted (for a second time in 8 months), literally 400 miles BEFORE the car was sat idle for 3 months due to me being away..

The smoke clears after about 2 or 3 minutes of the engine running though, my friend seems to think it may be the seals on the turbo but his knowledge is not extremely great of these things..
the first turbo blew, spent 1200 getting a new one fitted, that one then blew up because when they refitted the first, they left a bolt somewhere and it took out the second one.. cue another 850 (different garage), for a new turbo.. they told me to replace the oil filter after 100 miles but this wasnt possible due to travelling, its due to have a new oil filter and oil drop after the MOT mind



this is one of the drawbacks of testers having to select pre-printed reasons for failure...much better to allow testers to write down exact reasons


listed w-bearing due to binding brake..

that could just mean the brake is binding, but could also be interpreted to mean the wheel bearing has play too..

worth clarifying as that could make a big difference in total chances are, your just replacing the caliper, not the bearing too.


re the arb link  and lower joint dust boots..

dust boots are available as seperate items, only cost a few pound but you have to search for them, not many places offer them over the counter or available to order but they're out there.

 it would be cheaper to replace the lower joint boot, but you may find its cheaper to renew the whole arb link due to labour involved.


re the smoke.

not sure how many miles you have done since last turbo change, but if smoke goes after few minutes, it could be down to oil residue in exhaust system from last turbo failure...being a diesel this can take a long time to burn off...but either way, if it only failed on smoke and not the actual emissions, then get the engine fully warmed up before taking it in for retest...if you take evidence of recent turbo replacement and explain its only when cold then im sure tester will make allowances for it once they prove smoke is passable when warm.


best thing to do is an italian tune on the blighter to get rid of the oil, keep the exhaust hot by running the car in third everywhere, keep the revs high and this should help to burn off the oil, may take a few weeks but hopefully should save you some agro in the long run.


As it stands, all faults and advirsories have been sorted, all mechanical stuff came to 497 that includes four new tyres (budget but oh well),


thats including labour and VAT with military discount. not bad i thought?

i have brought the reasoning for the smoke down to a multitude of reasons upto and including the car being decatted, and or the cat being broken, the cars only done 450 miles since the turbo change, is due a new oil filter (which has now been fitted), and when ran for 15 minutes in the garage ( i was there as well), the smell and the smoke had fully cleared on the ramp,

however they are looking into it, this isnt a garage to go stir crazy and look for money and problems where there isnt one, so i will keep you all informed, any other ideas please let me know :)



Looking forward to some positive outcomes, and the price, doesnt appear to be too bad either!


Hey guys, thanks for all the help,

In the end the final cost came to 537.03, this covered all red, and all yellow parts of the MOT they are all fixed replaced as new



As for the smoke problem, on the retest is passed, ( i had the girl looking after it to take it for a bit of cheeky one in the country the day it went back in), the black smoke cleared quicker this time, so they had put it down to 3 months of sitting still and the car not being used,

however the car is back on the road,



Not a bad result! was this a dealer? or an independant?


independant they are good there though tbh


Thats the best you could hope for!


Now take that number, multiply it by 5 and you almost get the cost of Ford's equivelant dealer repairs! :p


Glad everything is sorted :).


For future reference, it may be worth considering BG44K if it is a petrol, and BG244 if it is a diesel, followed by an "Italian tune-up" (rev it lots!). Definitely worth the £20 or so, mine runs much smoother.

Also it may be worth considering a council MOT centre. This is where buses etc are MOT'd, and the centres are not there to do work on vehicles, only to do MOTs. A standard garage might find more faults with it to get you to pay out for repairs. Council centres cannot do work on it, thus have no incentive to find things wrong with it. People have saved thousands in unnecessary repairs.

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