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Full Version: Slight Judder On Light Acceleration
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I have an 04 fusion 1.4tdci with 117k - when driving roughly between 45 to 50mph in 5th gear uner light acceleration there is a noticeable slight judder - it stops if I decelerate or accelerate harder.Also noticeable in other gears when driving fairly slowly and with minimal acceleration.

Otherwise the car drives fine - it feels a bit similar to 'hunting' in a petrol car

Have read a few posts about similar problem but no solutions


Still have a fully functional EGR? Used to have it but since i blocked the EGR valve it is gone (still have a 6 mm hole in the plate, gonna replace it with a full plate).

I can now accelerate from idle engine speed without any hesitation or judder. Drives a lot nicer this way.

Think it's because the engine gets exhaust gasses through the EGR when on partial load and doesn't like it. Same as we would breath in a bag so we would breath in "used" air with just a little hole for fresh air, we wouldn't like it either.

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