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Full Version: Rattle & Knocking Noise In Escort Finesse
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I have a 1998 escort 1600 finesse and have found that on going above 50mph that there is a rattling and a knocking sounds coming from the front of the car. The noises remain even when dropping clutch and removing foot from accelerator until speed reduces. There are no vibrations through steering wheel and applying brakes makes no difference (until, again, speed reduces to below 45-50mph). Any ideas on what may be the cause/reason.


would be hard to pin down problem over www but i would get it checked over asap

wheel bearing, cv/driveshaft, ball joints...the fact its a rattle/knock at speed would concern me as something could be about to break..

+1 id say most likely a wheel bearing. Get it checked out asap the last thing you want is you wheel suddenly flying off and ripping your brakes etc off with it

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