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Full Version: Pollen Filter Replacement! - Nightmare!!
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Well I popped out at lunch and thought it was a good time to attempt to replace the pollen filter... Maybe I will just let Ford do it!


So I started off by reading the Haynes manual 'whilst not essential its a lot easier to access the pollen filter with the glove box removed'. So I set about removing it, found all 7 hex screws and thought I would give it a go... That went miserably, to the point where the glove box is stuck in place by the bodywork around the gear gator / central console... I abandoned that idea and started to put it back together, I put it back but probably not 100% correct, but I dont care, its back together.


'Remove the two nuts from the retaining bracket' - Easy enough given the lack of room and all the wiring connectors that are present to work around, I just got that undone and removed the bracket.


'release the recirculation wiring' - found that at the top and unplugged it, that was fine.


checked the clock and its time to go back in... begger! so I peeked once more at the guide 'undo the three retaining bolts'. they look tiny, like 5mm thick (that is if I am even looking at the right bolts).


I am half tempted to just let ford replace the bleedin filter, is it the thin plastic housing (black) behind the centre console? if so, then I might try again tomorrow, but I got very peeved by what would otherwise seem to be a very simple process, as it was a nightmare...


How many of you have managed to change this?


try doing it on a galaxy mk2,then you can complain. :P :D

Mr Singh

is it on your c-max?! if so its the same as the mk2 focus. you have to remove the fuse box, the fuse box bracket, the tube for the cooled glove box (if fitted) and then remove the  flap that hides the filter


Yeah that's what I thought, but removing the glove box on the CMAX is a nuisance, you have to remove the entire center console moldings then you can get at the glove box, its a PITA lol.


WIll give it another go at lunchtime me thinks


true PITA that job!


Long story short, I put my body into positions I never new possible but finally replaced the filter. I had to disconnect the battery so that I could disconnect the fuseboard (apparently you can get some spurious errors if you don't) and then after 40 minutes, its replaced.


Picture will follow, looks like its NEVER been replaced! I bet you cant guess which one is going in ;)


UPDATE: Picture:



Mr Singh

this is the guide i followed which is for the c-max


I winged it along with the Haynes manual, it just seems such a silly place for a serviceable item!

Mr Singh

I winged it along with the Haynes manual, it just seems such a silly place for a serviceable item!


iv seen worse. the early Volvo XC70 you have to remove a small fuse box which is next a big fuse box, remove the centre console side panel. before removing the flap. and all that whilst rolling in what ever filth is in the passenger foot well


True I guess, you would have thought they would make their own dealers lives as easy as possible though...

Mr Singh

one would think but in the real world, no  :mellow:


Interesting read :D miy AC smells like rotten eggs mixed with vinegar left out in the sun for several hours. Major service due time for my car, ford job it is!


Fitting the puddle lights i got the glove box out very easily, i guess that part of it is different in the C max


Yeah the CMAX is a nuisance! to get the glovebox out, you have to remove the entire centre console, as the edging goes around to the side of the glove box. At some point I will try and remove it, and will take photo's (probably make it into a guide, as the Haynes manual fails to comment on the fact that its already removed the centre console before it says "undo the screws, pull out, done!")


If your willing to pay Ford though, go for it, I remember my last Focus, they wanted 30+ quid for the pollen filter, £8 from EuroCarParts and done it myself... I prefer to keep my money out of dealerships where necessary. so my next task will be a true test as to whether or not I save myself quite a few notes!

Some things are a joke, this is clearly one of them.

Jeebo, looking at your pics I would say the original filter is a charcoal type and the new one is just a plain one which will go some way to explain the major price difference and why it looks so dirty.

I have always found ford to be reasonably priced for pollen filters as well for any I have bought. Mk1 and mk2 focus and mk3 mondeo.

You would like to think so Stef, however having beaten the filter off the road side repeatedly, it began to shed its charcoal colour, and began to see white underneath!

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