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Full Version: Something And Nothing I Hope
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Hi guys im new here so hallo everyone, today after changing my oil I lifted passenger side of car to fix my engine protector as one side was hanging off, as I was under there I noticed what looked like black oil but thick and sludgy, so i cleaned it up with kitchen paper and when inspecting it had little bits of grit/stones in it, I cant really make my mind up if its oil or just dirt thats flicked up at somepoint, I had it in kwikfit the other week for wheel alignment but they wouldn't do it as part of something that holds the wheel needs changing ( so they say ) its called something arm, brains gone lol, anyone any ideas? Thanks cars a 2.0 tdci

oil could be an oil leak that has thickened with dust / grime, and all the rest of the road crud, if it comes back, then I would be concerned.


As for the arm, why does it need changing?

Apparently it has some play in it I actually remember last mot it was an advisory for it being changed, thanks for the reply, it's just werid cos im not losing engine oil and I check that often and it dosent lose a drop, and my gear changes are still smooth, i took it to car wash and jet washed all the crud away so ill keep an eye open, theres never any fluid on the floor which is strange if it is leaking. It has done 106000 miles now tho.

could be just an old leak that is being brought to life now, check your pipes for any water leaks as opposed to oil, for example, if you lose any coolant as vapour, that then condenses and turns to fluid, that could mix with the existing oil and give the impression of fresh oil

Its just strange because where some of it was, was on the underside of things where you'd think it couldnt possibly get to unless it splashed up, I jet washed it where it was the other day so ill check it again in a couple of weeks and see how it looks, just strange as I dont lose engine oil or coolant, the only thing I cant check it gearbox oil but gear changes arw fine and theres no vibrations threw gear stick when driving thanks for reply

Definately worth waiting, check it daily see if you can catch the early signs of any leaks that may exist. And its not uncommon for these things to get to the underside, as your driving along, the air rush would push fluid back and underneath components very easily.

Presumably the lower arm they said had play in the bushes or ball joint?

Anyway, could the oil be from it being changed at some point? For example if they have removed the cover and drained the oil and then refitted. Removing the oil filter always allows some to run down the block and in this case will sit on the tray. Just a thought.

Power steering fluid level ok?
Ill check power steering I do the oil myself and use a oil pump that sucks the oil out, so I dont have to go under the car as the oil filter half way down the engine, bugger to get to but only 20 min job.

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