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Full Version: Reprogramin Pcm
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Edi Dushku



I have a problem with my ford fiesta (1997)  The coolant stays always on (high speed). I went in a lot of mechanics and they told me to replace the PCM. Then,I got an OBD II reader by myself and i get a P0118 error code. Is there any way to reprogram the PCM (it is some "sort" of computer right ? )


Thank You



Not sure why they are telling you to replace the PCM, I would probably ask for confirmation as to why they believe this, best thing to do is take your car to the local ford dealer and see what they say - if you havent already done so.

Edi Dushku

Thank You for your reply. They say this because they are not able to find any other cause , they have checked the  physical parts (Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) sensor)  and wiring and say they are all ok. Also i think they dont have information for PCM, so the easist solution is to replace it.


Yes, maybe you are right, i have to go to the offical  ford dealer. However the one that is here is very expensive for a ford fiesta of 1997 :) this is why i was thinking about any software that will me let reconfigure the PCM (i think, maybe i am wrong, the PCM get the right temperature from the sensor but its "logic" is wrong and it triggers the coolant)


You cant really reconfigure it without having the ASBUILT data and a modified ELM cable along with Elm Config, that in itself will be tricky to get hold of and manufacture, but if you want the right answer, sometimes you have to pay for it.

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