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Full Version: Worst Round-About Ever?
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Surely that could be made into one big round about? Wouldn't fancy tryin to navigate that lol

That is the most confusing and pointless example of a road designer on too much caffeine I've ever seen.



Totally unneccesary.


There used to be a similar one on the A13 at Benfleet. Thankfully they have since built a flyover there.


Folk up here struggle with simple mini-roundabouts....."Do you give way to the left or the right?" type of thing. God knows what would happen if something like that was introduced  :)

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That very poor attempt at traffic management doesn't even look good on paper in my opinion.




Looks like a large number of accidents waiting to happen so avoid if possible.

I bet some square in an office somewhere won an award for that design.
Its an actual roundabout in the uk I cant remember where ill need go check. Can you imagine learning to drive round there? You can practically guarantee the test instructor would take you to that on the test

This one  ;)


Been there for 40 years apparently :blink:  

Thats the same one ive put a link to lol

I just get a mobile wiki page on the programme, but I'm not going to fall out over it  ;)

Here is the old Sadlers Farm Roundabout in Benfleet that has since been replaced by a flyover.

5 small roundabouts feeding onto 1 big roundabout with two way traffic:

That's pretty terrible, but I think Elephant & Castle roundabout here in London, ranks as one of the worst in the country, and possibly the world. Thankfully consultation is out to redesign the whole thing or at least make it easier to navigate.



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In the area that we live most of the large roundabouts, especially those with underpasses have been replaced by traffic lights.



Most of the other large roundabouts have now been updated to have traffic signals incorporated.



Traffic progress is slower but I believe that there has been a significant reduction in the number of accidents.



Obviously people still run red lights and forcibly change lanes resulting in collisions but as mentioned the numbers have reduced considerably.



Stay safe out there.

There are at least three major roundabouts in Plymouth with lights on them that cause major tailbacks and jams during peak times.
They have been proven to actually work better and with less accidents when the lights are broken.
The original one I post has apparently reduced the number of accidents according to my source for the picture, apparently people slow down and pay more attention because of the number of roundabouts :S cant ses how myself

That is some seriously crazy shizzle!

This looks worse on the sign than in reality. I use the magic roundabout almost every day, and it's really not that bad!
Haha I live in eastkilbride and the worst we have is called the whirlies. My girlfriend lives in Swindon and I drive down once a month instead of flying, it's not actually that confusing to navigate! Looks worse than it is, all it takes is a good understanding of the road and common sense and you'll be fine!

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As soon as I saw the title I knew it would be Magic that the thread was about. I love the Magic Roundabout. There are several ways in which to cross it, and one will find that 95% of people will use one particular way, leaving the other ways free for those who are not scared of it. This improves my journey time and keeps me less stressed. I have knocked up a quick crude photoshop image to illustrate, the red arrows show how most traffic use it, the green shows how I use it. It is difficult to explain but hopefully this will help. I would welcome anyone to try the roundabout, it was created to solve a problem that didn't really exist, and it does it well.


It's in the dsa book, tbh I don't think it's as bad as it looks.

Think of it as a round about with the option to turn left and right whilst taking the shortest route to your exist rather than going around the entire thing

Here is the Hemel Hempstead equivalent, apparently voted the country's second worst roundabout (you can guess which one won it, although I'm not sure that there is much in it).


channel 5 programme worst road to drive on high lighted this round about not for the novice driver




Odsal top roundabout in Bradford must be close to the top of the worst round abouts in the UK



The council changed the markings last year so now;


There no signs leading up to it to tell you what lane to be in,


The only painted markings on the road are within 3 or 4 feet of the junction, so If a car is already waiting to drive onto the roundabout in front of you, you don't know where that lane leads.


The directions painted on the roundabout itself contradict the painted markings at the junctions (providing you managed to see them in the first place)


The white lines are just a complete circle round the roundabout, (no dotted lines showing lanes turning off to a specific junction or changing from one lane to the other)


There are now three lanes marked round the roundabout when it is only wide enough for two.


And to top it off, it is in Bradford so only a quarter of the drivers take any notice of road markings anyway so its a complete melee :lol:

Tewkesbury Cross in Swindon is similar, 4 junctions, one with 3 lanes, 3 with 2, exits are single lane, enough room for 1.5 cars to get around it. Many crunches on that, council made it in order to 'slow traffic down', retards.

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And to top it off, it is in Bradford so only a quarter of the drivers take any notice of road markings anyway so its a complete melee  :lol:


It sounds as if you might be as well off ignoring the markings, anyway.


It does sound like a bit of a nightmare; perhaps it is just missing a sign indicating that the markings are sponsored by a sat nav company?



It sounds as if you might be as well off ignoring the markings, anyway.


It does sound like a bit of a nightmare; perhaps it is just missing a sign indicating that the markings are sponsored by a sat nav company?

I contacted the council this time last year and again about 4 months ago. Both times they said there were problems with the roundabout regarding layout and signing and they were investigating it.


So in other words bugger all will happen :whistling: 

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