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Full Version: Homepage is screwed
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Go to - can see the PHP code for the site because there is no index.php - its been renamed to "index.php-rename". This started happening yesterday.

I'm guessing most people have the forum page bookmarked which is why nobody else has noticed it yet.

Its a potential security breach if the right sort of people start digging around in there.
I second that.
I went to the page and got rather confused!! :wacko:
Don't want this site to close!! It's all I look at all day!!
:D :D :D
Thirded, someones phoobarred. Sort it before we're sat actually doing something constructive rather than looking busy whilst relaxing on here.
thanks for pointing that out

very strange.. does anyone have any idea when this changed?

i have placed a blank index for the moment odd why the original one dissapeared.
Mark M.K
It happened sometime yesterday in the afternoon/evening as it wernt like it yesterday morning
cheers.. think i was a plumb and broke it updating the page..
Instead of having just one link to the forums on the homepage, why don't you stick in a meta redirect:

[code]<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="4;forums/index.php" />[/code]
(where the 4 is the number of seconds to wait before automatic redirect)

Alternatively, just change index.php to:
[code]<?php header("Location:forums/index.php") ?>[/code]
That way every hit on that page will be redirected instantly to the forums.

If you don't fancy either of those, then at least add <title></title> within the <head> tags. It says "Untitled docuemnt" at the moment.

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