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Full Version: In Trouble With Eac... Please Help?
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Hi everyone,


Nice to be on board but wish it was under better circumstances. My beloved ford fusion (2003 diesel) has developed an EAC FAIL (electronic accelerator control) display warning. It has lost power. Can only get up to 20-30 mph out of it. Very sluggish etc. Gone into home mode. I have been getting no end of different opinions regarding this. From something small to something very very big. I have had a diagnostic kit on it and it has come out with error code indicating injector cylinder/circuit 1. I was then told it may not be the injectors. Seems that the EAC is such a 'grey area'. We have done research and have since inspected and cleaned up the Mass airflow sensor (because this can also cause these symptoms) but still nothing.


Has anyone got any advise or help on what this might me please?


Very much appreciated. I've been at a loss now for 4 days. I really need to know what to do. I have to admit I have read some horror stories where people even get messed about by Ford directly with the EAC FAIL.






I would personally be starting with the accelerator pedal itself, it could be that the sensor is faulty. I saw similar issues on the mondeo forum a while ago, where a replacement pedal sorted the issue.


If i google the error then i get a lot of different "solutions/reasons" (EGR/MAF/injectors/battery/glowplugs/gas pedal/ETC.). But i haven't found any topic anywhere where it is solved. Guess it's some sort of generic error which can be triggered by a lot of different problems. Shame they programmed it like this.


Sorry, doesn't help you but i hope you can find the problem however all the info on the net isn't very promising.

have you cleared the code, because it will stay in limp untill you do
clear it, try again then recheck codes

Thanks for replies,



Fault was with fuel injector 4.. £370 later including labour and vat..


Nightmare.. All working now and code cleared.



Great to hear the problem is solved, at least 370 quid is cheaper then an engine/car ;)


Glad to see its solved, good to see the error actually meant what it was meant to, and not a red herring :p


Was that an indie garage, or a dealer?

Thanks. It was an indie garage that got recommended by a friend of mine. Couldn't sing the guys praises more. He also was happy it weren't a red herring. I knew from the start to avoid ford. Just so glad it's sorted. Mot next... Lol

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