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Full Version: Intermittent Stop Bulb Fault
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Hi guys

I get a message on my dash about stop bulb fault

I have narrowed this down to the high level brake light. However, when I went to change the bulb I noticed it was fine and so replaced it and the light worked again

Neck time I drove car, same fault message appeared. Light wasn't working

I have repeated the process 3 times, everytime I get the light working then it stops again.

Any ideas what the issue could be?

it could be an earth issue, check the holder and wiring for any signs of corrosion.

It seems that when I leave the trim off the interior if the car( on the boot), the light keeps working. Looks like must be an issue with the trim part affecting the wiring when I replace it

Or it's a failing filament which is touching & re-fusing back together.


On my old Zafira I had this continually for about a year before the bulb finally blew properly.

Oh right so you reckon if I tried a new bulb it may cure the problem?

Well for the few pence it costs for a new bulb it's got to be worth a go?


agree with the bulb, it could be coincidence.


If the new bulb fails, I suggest you look at the contact element underneath where the bulb sits, may be worth using a pair of needlenose pliers and gently pulling them up to ensure the connection is valid.

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