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Full Version: Incorrect Alloys Fitted At Build
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I am new to this forum and i would like some advice.


I puchased a new (63) mondeo graphite 1.6 115ps TDCI eco last week on the options scheme, and the car was fitted with 16" alloys, the brochure, and and all specs i have seen indicate i should have 17" alloys fitted as standard, my ford dealer is looking into this, but would appear to be dragging their heels a bit and i am not getting anywhere fast.


I have since found out by another ford dealer, that a small number of Mondeo Graphite's have been incorrectly fitted with 16" alloys at build, i guess i have fallen into that group. I very much prefer to have 17" alloys as that is what i am paying for for, and one of the reasons i went for this. Does anyone know what my rights are, should my dealer take the car in and fit 17" alloys or do they not have any responsilbity, as this is a ford motor company issue and not a dealer issue.


any advice greatly recieved.


Many thanks



If its fords fault, dealer should get authorisation to change them and ford pay dealer. Just threaten to give them it back.




If the car was advertised with the 17 inch wheels and that is what you had in your agreement with the dealer then that is what you should have.

The issue is between you and the dealer not you and Ford.

The dealer should supply you with the correct wheels that the car was sold with.


I had some issues with my local dealer when we bought my mrs Fiesta a couple of years ago. They were great until they had our money and then didnt want to know when we had some problems. I'd phone and they would promise to call me back and they never did. In the end I made a bit on a scene infront of 5 sales guys and the showroom manager, none of them knew where to look as they knew I was right. That was enough to get it sorted in 3 days. This wasa last resort as I had been patient for several wheeks prior to this


Could be worth a try


If it was advertised as having 17" then it sounds like a mis-selling issue.Go to the dealer and tell them you want the 17"fitting as soon as otherwise you will report them to trading standards.


Don't resort to the stamping feet and shouting just yet, save that in case nothing else works.


I can only echo the above sentiments. Get Ford to replace, as someone somewhere has messed up.


If you have any notes from your sales meeting, or a copy of the paperwork, then check it. I would also check the reg against, its possible you have been given the wrong car, wrong spec etc, so see what the number plate throws back.


If you get nowhere with a problem like this over a new car or even used car and it was bought on finance, ring your finance company, believe me the finance company has far more bite to its bark than general public, the amount of money garages make through finance houses is massive so they tend to listen when you as the customer complain and in turn they lean on the dealer, but you must give dealer the chance first. 




well my dealer has finally got back to me, and has admitted that ford have incorrectly fitted 16" alloys instead of 17s to a small minority of there cars at build. The ford ettis site, states that 16's has been fitted to my car, however, my dealer says they cannot change the alloys to 17's, not sure why they couldn't, and as a gesture of good will, they have offered me through ford, a cash settlement and not a bad one to be honest!! as long as i can live with the 16's fitted, which i suppose i could! The wife is thinking xmas shopping with the settlement if i take it!!

I can always change the car in a years time anyway!!


Thanks everyone for their input, very much appreciated.


out of curiosity Vernon, what was the settlement amount (or the range if you dont wish to be specific?)


Ford don't seem to know what they are building: three weeks ago I took delivery of a brand new Ford Direct Mondeo Titanium 2.0 TDCi 163 which is specced with 17" 10 spoke alloys, but when it turned up at the Dealers it had 18" 5 spokes. They are listed as an option at +£250 but I wasn't asked to pay any more and as they look so much nicer I am not complaining - some you win, some you loose.

Its a brave man that'll spend that kinda money on a fordy!

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