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Full Version: Mondeo With A Leak
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Hey all,


I have a Ford Mondeo 1.8 LX 2003. I have a leak underneath the car, it looks like coolant and I have managed to get a video which I have uploaded to YouTube, I also have an issue which I am not sure about whether its related but the rad fan comes on even when I first start the car, it can go off for a few seconds but it soon comes back on.


Help please guys I have only had the car a few weeks.


OPS I forgot to post the link. see below


I'd be grate for any help.




if that water is colourless and the air con is on, then its nothing to worry about, its condensation off the air conditioning.

will also be the reason fan is on, which is normal.


if aircon was switched off, you will no longer see the leak or have the fan running from start up...


all normal


Hi Wase16ll,


Thanks for commenting, the thing is on the dash the air con isn't switched on but I have been suspecting that its on constantly anyway is there a way I can make sure its not coming on i.e. unplug it some where or remove the fuse for it?


im not familier with the mondeo air con systems, but think there are a manual temp and an automatic temp system..


if this is an auto system then its not unusual for air con to come on automaticly with whatever heater temp is set, soon as engine is turned on as the AC is excellent for clearing screens etc


i take it the leak you see is clean water, if its coloured then its coolant..

also when you say AC is switched off do you only mean temp is set high on heater, as this wont stop the AC working automaticly but you should have some kind of indicator on the control panel to say AC is operating and be able to turn it said im not familier with the set up but they all work in similar fashion.


easiest way to see if air con is operating is to look at the clutch on AC compressor, should see/hear that clutch kicking in and out with engine running


Mine is the manual one. Yea the leak does seem to be clean water. When I say switched off I mean on the centre console the AC light is off. but when I turn it on I don't really notice any different but like I say I think it may be on constant. I might have a look in the Haynes manual and just remove the fuse for the air con and see that way as I know that there can be a fault with the centre console which it can say the air con if off but its not.


Did you see the video I uploaded?


yes i did, if water is clear, can only be AC condensation, which will only appear if AC is on and operational, rainwater, from a blockage in the panel under bonnet directly below windscreen, should have rubber hoselike drains that can block with leaves etc. ...will just need cleaning out...or a screenwash leak.


AC can be checked by watching and listening to the compressor whilst engine is running, the commpressor is driven by the fan belt, think its situated beside the crank pulley..the clutch for this is on the outside of the compressor pulley, if AC is working you shoul see/hear that clutch engaging/disengaging..if clutch isnt operating then AC cannot produce condensation


there are many fuses linked to AC, so be careful you dont remove a fuse that powers another component of heater/cooling system


Ok thanks I will have a look at it today and come back to you.


Right so I have had a look, I don't think the air con is on constantly now because with the bonnet up I can hear it clicking when I switch the air con on. It is definitely dripping water, I have checked my coolant level and that is exactly where it was before as well. I am at a loss as to where this water is coming from and why the fan comes on when I start the car up. The drip is originating further back than the engine is and I have had a look round the back of the engine and I can't see any water bar a little bit of condensation of the aircon pipes but I wouldn't say that would be enough to explain the amount of water dripping as its a couple of drops every 3 seconds.


taste it. is it bitter(rain water,coolant etc)


On the mk3 with the "manual" AC  the AC comes on automatically when you 1st put on the screen demist (depending where your heater/ ventilation controls are) - but the little orange light on the "AC" button will come on when the AC is on - if the light does not come on - the AC will not be on    


Where does the leak fall - is it just behind the front wheels?


shouldnt be any condensation on the AC if its off??????


check for pool of water at base of screen under bonnet...


but combined with the fan, this sounds like AC to me


Right so I have checked again, It is definitely water I have tasted it, it is falling just behind the front wheels, the was a small pool of water just to the right of the right windscreen arm mounting. by 3 little things.


I have taken a picture of the "3 little things" and the puddle and the air con pipes, it is still dripping now but only once every minute or 2 and the air con pipes (which I have included a pic of) are bone dry.

'have you jacked the car up,got underneath with a torch and a rag,& tried to trace it back up?
All the guessing in the world isnt going to solve this. Its going to have to be a case of tracing it the hard way i think. Be a lot easier if car was on a ramp

looking closer at original video you put up..


there appears to be water dripping from one of the heater hoses as it passes through the scuttle panel from the engine bay...i reckon you might have a build up of rainwater in that scuttle panel...its perfectly normal for rain to enter that area, but there should be at least one drainage point where that water can escape to under the car..if im right, then you have one or more drainage points blocked, probably by leaves etc..this allows water to build up in the scuttle, and what you are seeing is that water is leaking from the rubber grommet that surrounds the heater need to clear out the drainage points.


chances are you will have to remove the wiper arms, and the plastic panel you have in pic 3 of your last post, to gain access to the scuttle and the drain points...


& we have a winner  :lol:

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