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Full Version: Project Sleeper
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So this is my 02 Fiesta Zetec se that I just bought, hoping to make fun of some Honda drivers, I used to love Hondas but recently, the owners seem to have ruined the ownership of them.














I'm looking into tuning for the Zetec se and can't wait to see what I can get out of it as it is quite nippy as it is.


First things first, de chavving!!!! Now, upon buying this car, I was most disappointed by the steering wheel!




So I found someone who sells zs parts and then found out, they are meant to be badly colour co-ordinated, so I told the guy to leave it and like any sensible person (erm, the next comment will make that last comment of being sensible null and void), I broke out the black board paint and covered up all the shite.






Nice one  - steady on now - you don't want to get "carried away" - painting the steering wheel black is just the 1st step that won't even end even when youve fitted the steel wheels, 1.0L badges and a 5-pot RS motor :lol:


Agreed, Honda owners ruin Honda cars, especially type Rs, same thing with BWimmers, nice cars, spoilt by the type of people that drive them (so nothing like Vax**lls then! :lol: ) 

Totally agree.
There's a girl near me that drives a Civic painted a horrible off pink colour with all the Halfords tat she could squeeze onto it, a stupid great exhaust and manta spoiler.
Looks gopping.

And the photographic evidence for your consideration, members of the Jury.




Shocking.......................... Pink you should pull her over and tell her to tear all that crap back off it, and too much pink.

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