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Full Version: Knocking When Accelerating And Deaccellerating??
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Hi guys,


im having a problem with my mondeo 2.0 tdci.


seem to have a knock coming from around the n/s of the car whenever i
accelerate and deaccelerate, but its not a very harsh knock as it doesnt
vibrate the car or go through the steering, its just more of a noise
than anything...

i have managed to drive the car with very
smooth accelerating and gear changing to avoid the problem, but you can
always make it happen if you quickly press the accelerater or quickly
lift your foot off the pedal.


i jacked the car up
today and took the wheel off and i can make it happen by rotating the
wheel hub clockwise and counter clockwise - back and forth..
the sound seems to be coming from the inner side of the drive shaft or the gearbox?

read a few forums who suggest it may be the inner driveshaft bearing
(UV i think?) or the diffrencial has gone and i'll need it rebuilt or a
new box put in...


any advise on what this is? and if its going to get worse?

many thanks :)


impossible to guess on something like this. are you doing the work yourself?


hi thanks for the reply.


well, if its the driveshaft, i guess its something i can do as its not necessarily complicated, but didnt want to go down the road of changing the part to find its made no difference and its gearbox related..


afraid its going to be process of elimination.when you're driving normally say,at 35mph in 4th gear,does it knock? does it do it,going round corners?


ah, had a feeling you might say that..

to be honest, it does it in all gears, just depends if you can hear it due to wind/road noise..

i havent noticed any knocking at all when cornering like you would with a CV joint gone, although i did notice a slight vibration through the steering wheel when pulling off a few times today,nothing too bad, just the few knocks..

stooge75 curious to know what it is also now.
Does it do it,if you're coasting in neutral ?

its weird isnt it??
nope, no knocks at all when in neutral..

it only seems to do it when in gear and when accelerating/deaccelerating - as though there is play in the gearbox or driveshaft..

Are you meaning the single clunk ya get when changing gear or a clunk clunk clunk with each rotation of wheels?

just a single clunk..but rather loud.. only seems to happen when you accellerate or cna easily make it happen by pumping the accelerator pedal...

Thats normal on mondeo's. Play in the diff. DMF also doesnt help if it has play.My gearbox is brand new & has it. You tend to get this clunk on mondeo's if your revs arent right at time of clutch release. Dont worry
Youll actually learn to drive using smoother gear-changes after a while. Ive heard it on a couple other mk3's. I can drive so i dont do it but every now & then i slip up & 'clonk'.lol

On the mk3 diesels there is an engine mount that is prone to fail over time as it has to withstand the torque reaction of the engine


it is in the middle at the back of the engine/ gearbox - you can see it easily when the car is up high on ramps


The Jaguar X-type is basically the same car as the mk3 Mondeo and the same x-type mount fits - i used a 3-litre petrol one on my car - its stiffer


He can make it happen as he rotates the wheel/tyre by hand(you know,rotating tyre/wheel back n forth as if car was going forwards/backwards a foot). Its the final drive/diff play im sure hes on about.
Could be mistaken though

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