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Full Version: The Dark Knight Rises For Children In Need
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The Dark Knight
I've decided to raise money for children in need by going to work as The Dark Knight!

Daft yes but for a good cause and the office will be in good spirits

now, who fancies going to a solicitor and being invited in by the secretary... The chair back is facing you as you walk in, you cannot see the mysterious figure sitting within...


Dave: "please take a seat"

you: "Thanks"

Dave: "what can I do for you"

you: "I feel I have been ripped off"

*the chair slowly swivels around*

Dave: "Ripped off you say - by whom"

you: a highly branded retailer

*the chair swings round wildly, and your sat facing a man wearing a cape and a mask*

Dave: "This wont do... We cannot allow this miscarriage of consumer justice to happen - Come with me - We shall confront the retailer this very moment"


*you follow Dave to the shop around the corner - Dave bursts in with a crash*

Dave: "Get me the manager"


Dave: "I hear you have breached this mans statuary rights, I insist that you reimburse him"


...To be continued



The Dark Knight

To play on a quote from the movie: "Tell me where the refund is! Then, you have my permission to die!"

hehe ;)


I think that should be a good little contribution, not only should you dress up like that, but I think you should film a short! that would be epic! and I for one would donate if I could see that!

The Dark Knight

Great day today and Wednesday collecting money in my outfit! We had a cake contest today too!

On Wednesday I visited Brampton Primary School in Chesterfield. Made lots of money and got mobbed by the kids :lol:

It will take some time yet to reach an exact total but best guess at the moment is £900. Perhaps a bit more and we do have a few cakes left to sell


Very good going Dave, well done :)


We got into the spirit too, our place raised over 1200 quid! not bad at all! it all goes to a great place!

The Dark Knight

Nice work :)  It is a good cause indeed.


Our money was gained from the school visit plus a visit to Chesterfield and Derby colleagues on Wednesday, followed by cakes and walking around HQ today. I encountered many others at HQ who were wearing pyjamas etc and raising lots of money. I couldn't begin to hazard a guess as to what everyone made across the force as a grand total but it's nice that each office were doing something.


I got a brief mention on radio Derby at 9am today :)


Good going there Dave, radio mention is pretty awesome! what was the mention for?

The Dark Knight
It was for me dressing up as The Dark Knight and visiting colleagues at Chesterfield and Ripley.

They rang me to ask if it was ok. Think they got my details from Derbyshire Times paper who are publishing a picture of me with 2 kids from the school.

lol, not bad at all Dave! how big is your office?

The Dark Knight
Well our exact team is 8 people but the open plan office has about 12 folk down the other end plus several dozen other staff in the building but in different offices.

Crikey! and you guys raised around 900 quid! you make my place seem like right stooges! We have about 250 people and raised our total, and you have a fraction of that and nearly raised a thousand!


deep pockets, short arms maybe lol :p

The Dark Knight
But between work and the school I got cash in the collection bucket from far more than 250 people. Plus I had some sponsorship in advance for dressing up and then the cake sale.

It's not about the biggest amounts anyway but about the effort and kindness. Some people just put 5p in the box because that's all they had on them but it all counts.

As Batman would say: "It's not who I am underneath but what I do that defines me"
The Dark Knight

Final total was £1000.79p! Well pleased with that and it's a great cause


Top effort Dave, any phots?

The Dark Knight
There's this one taken at the school that was in the local paper:

Why so serious? ;)

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