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Full Version: 03 1.4 Fusion Runs Sluggish After Heat Up
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hi guys :(


my fusion starts normal from cold and runs normal until the engine heats up .after getting to normal running temp it starts to sort of misfire at low revs or when pulling off from a stationary position but once at high revs it seems ok when idling it feels very rough and of course the engine light comes on .tried changing the coil pack for a new one . the car ran better for a longer period  about 10 miles but then its back to being sluggish. so back to square one .checked leads and they look fine. so if ignition system is not at fault including  ecu .could it be down to oil pump/water pump/ thermostat failure.can any of these parts cause the same symptoms?


please help. this is driving me mad :angry:



                                                       big thanks in advance


what have you dont so far to check this out? can you check the error codes?


it sounds like too little air in for the combustion...


checked the plug leads yesterday pulled the first one out and the lead was soaking pulled the other three out all were dripping with water. looked into the spark plugs and was amazed to see that the plugs were  at least 1/2 an inch submerged in water. drained the water out and dried it off this gave me instant power when I put it back together again  .taken it for a long run for an hour or so. seemed fine but on the way back home it started to splutter like mad then the engine light started to flash then stay on. checked the plugs all was dry.  back to square one. wonder if the water fried my new ignition coil? .going to buy new coil and leads. had the error code checked. code was ignition coil.. thanks for your reply jeebowhite.

 will do electrics and if that don't work I will check airflow


Also make sure you don't get water in the spark plug holes again. If i'm not mistaking the water can get in through the window washer jets, read something like that on the Fiesta forum.

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