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Full Version: Mondeo Fluids Mix Up
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A buddy of mine (non member) who drives a 2006 Mondeo TDCI  has had a mishap and accidentally put DOT4 Brake fluid in to the Power steering fluid reservoir . 


Does it begin and end with just emptying the steering reservoir of the mixed fluids and top up with the appropriate spec fluid ? 


Thanks in advance folks , from him and from me   :)

Both are Hydraulic fluids.. with differing properties..

The two major oil-based fluids in a vehicle are either: lubricants, or hydraulic fluids.
Both.. Brake fluid and Power Steering fluid are classed with Hydraulic fluids.
Although they will have *some* lubricating properties (for o-rings & seals), as well as differing properties, and additive packages depending upon their intended function, and specification.
Major differences..Power Steering fluid: high boiling point, low freezing point.
Brake Fluid: very low compressibility, high boiling point.
I would suggest a thorough purge of the fluid before refilling and be observant for any leaking/damaged seals.

know a woman(lol) who did the same thing. Car is ok though. actually its still running well.(I think her hubby just sucked out what was in the reservoir then topped up with the right stuff.

if it were mines though,I'd wanna make sure it ALL came out(just for the cost of fluid,think its a no-brainer)


Thanks a bunch peeps , I'll send him the er 'good news'  :)


Hope y'all enjoy your weekend   :P

Was the engine started after the mistake? If it wasn't started/moved then I would just flush the reservoirs out and refill with the correct fluid

Hi Stef , 


No I don't believe he started the car just that on pouring the last drop of brake fluid in he'd realised what he'd done and got in a bit of a panic . I've since calmed his nerves a bit with the earlier replies . 


Cheers all the same .  :)


+1 on the previous feedback, drain and flush, then refill - jobs a good 'un :)


Cheers Jeebowhite .


Cheers to all on your prompt helpful feedback  :D


we aim to please :) let us know how it goes!

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