This question is about a 1.8 petrol Ford Focus.

I would like to know from any mechanics about what the possible causes may be for the following symptoms :

1. When starting the car from cold in the morning and during the first journey the temperature guage needle after rising slightly then drops slightly (I sometimes actually see it happen) when for example stopped at traffic lights.

2. Secondly, after switching off the engine and then I turn the ignition such that the engine is off but the temperature guage is functional, the needle usually has dropped quite a bit from the mid position even though I have only just switched the engine off (so it is still hot).

3. Lastly, I feel the needle is never exactly mid way between cold and hot but slightly nearer the cold end. Would this suggest a head gasket problem ?

Would any of these symptoms suggest a problem with the coolant pump, radiator or any related component ?