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Full Version: Lowering Springs.
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I after a set of 30mm or 40mm lowering springs for my zetec s tdci,where is the cheapest place to buy them from?
Or better still has anyone got any they want to sell me :)

eBay would probably be the cheapest but depends if you are after a particular brand etc. Demon tweeks have a few options or try one of the well known Ford tuners I'm sure they will be able to help.  :)


I went straight to the dealers for Eibachs for my old ZS mate. Think they can be got a bit cheaper on ebay, but living across the pond in NI here the postage was excessive so it worked out cheaper for me to go direct through the dealers, and got a wee bit of discount then as well.


Not sure if they're your brand of choice, but I can't recommend them high enough, just like most other Mondeo owners who go for lowering springs.


Think they were about £120 (few years ago now) and I might have replaced front shocks and strut top mounts at the same time. I had a broken spring so it was perfect excuse to get 'em...and worth every penny for the upgrade to the stance!


Thanks for your reply,
That does look like a perfect height tbh,not stupidly low. How was it for everyday driving ie speed bumps,comfort,handling?

Barely a difference at all if I'm honest mate. From memory, the Eibachs were a drop of 40mm front/30mm rear, which I was surprised at as I always thought it was the rear that needed dropped more, but as you can see, they level it our perfectly.


In my opinion (I'm sure others would disagree!) there was a slight but definite improvement in handling in corners, roundabouts etc in terms of body roll and nose dive, but it's a Mondeo at the end of the day so I was always a bit sceptical to read reviews which said the improvements were monumental!


As for ride quality, if there was any loss in this department its minimal. If you've a ZS you're probably already on 18s anyway which probably affect the ride quality more than lowering a few mm, so you'll not notice it. Never had any problem with speed bumps at all, unlike my Focus!


For me the biggest improvement was in looks, and I think it was one of my favourite mods on my ZS. Won't do any harm to research other brands and prices also, but I can only speak for Eibachs...and the fact they're Ford-approved also gives good peace of mind.


Have you any pics of your own? Have you many plans for it? I still miss mine :(

Thanks mate,will have a look into buying the eibachs then unless anyone else has any recommendations on any other brand.

I haven't got any pics yet as I only bought it Saturday.
So just putting some plans in progress.

It's exactly the same as the one you had tho mate apart from the chrome weather strips on the windows.

Plans at the minute are as follows,
Give it a good service,
Fit a pipercross panel filter,
Fit lowering springs,
New LEDs in the clocks,
New leather gaiter,
Full front end Xeon bulb upgrade,
Refurb wheels in anthracite,
Fit ST rear spoiler,
Maybe Fit stainless steel back box.

Nice list you have there mate! Similar to what I got through with mine, but hadn't quite completed my wishlist by the time I sold it. Would have loved to have done the OEM Xenon headlights and Sony CD upgrades, and stainless exhaust as well.


Here's a list of what I can remember getting through in case it gives you any inspiration, so if you've any questions, just ask...


Engine - EGR blank, K&N panel filter, regular services (with genuine Ford fuel filter every time)


Interior - half leather/alcantara heated/cooled ST interior, front and rear footwell lights, rear roof light, LEDs all round, white Lockwood dials (loved them!), Parrot hands-free, chrome-wrapped steering wheel spokes


Exterior - genuine chrome weather strips and door handles, facelift chrome grille, chrome trim strip applied to fog surrounds and rear lights, custom ST-style mesh lower front grill, de-tango'd indicator lenses, crystal side repeaters, silver indicator bulbs, red tailgate 'S'-badge, aero wipers front and rear, rear lip spoiler, 'white' front bulbs


Think that's about all I can remember at the minute! Few more pics here if the link works...

If you want to feel every single tiny bump & pothole go for it,but dont get cheapest(especially coilovers-theyre a joke).
Also your camber WILL be out afterwards & nothing you can do about it. So be prepared to munch thru tyres especially if u do lots of town driving. Dont say you werent advised against it lol
Ps i lowered 3 cars yrs ago & after each 1,a big part of me regretted it but was younger n sillier back then. Honestly your car will feel like its got no springs at 1 point my old man wouldnt drive my car at all because it was such a bone shaking experience. Ah memories
Was a nice little project for you then.
How do you blank the egr valve and what is the purpose of doing it mate?
Am new to Diesel engines lol.

Yeah, loved every minute of it mate. Was the first car I had where the modding bug took hold!


I didn't feel every bump in the road with the Eibachs (think the 18s contribute to that more than the springs), and never had any issues with camber or burning through rubber any faster, and I did pretty big miles.


EGR blank was just a little metal plate that goes between the gasket before the EGR valve. 5 minute job as your EGR should be mounted at the front of the engine. EGR is exhaust gas recirculation, so it's basically taking gases back from the exhaust and back through the engine, in an attempt to lower emissions. Blanking off runs it on cleaner air, can slightly improve MPG and run a bit smoother removing flat spots in the rev range. Can prob get them ready made on ebay, but a lot of people cut out their own from sheet metal. Being a 53 plate you'll be a Euro3 emissions too, so no worries with an engine management light as a result!


Ps i lowered 3 cars yrs ago & after each 1,a big part of me regretted it but was younger n sillier back then. Honestly your car will feel like its got no springs at 1 point my old man wouldnt drive my car at all because it was such a bone shaking experience. Ah memories


Were any of them Mk3 Mondeos on Eibachs though mate? I agree that going too low or cheap is a bad Focus was lowered before I got it on what look like Apex springs and it's probably too low. I feel everything on the road and as much as I love the lowered looks, it can be a pain on bad roads.  I'd swap them for Eibachs tomorrow if I could as I really couldn't fault them on the Mondeo. Good for the OP to get other reviews to mull over though.


no,but honestly your car will ride like a bucket of sh*t. suspension on mk3's aint good at best of times.

But I DO admit,some mk3's look really good lowered but as to what cost? every rd/st you drive along,you'll be on lookout for drains,cracks,potholes to drive round them,as the bone jarring got to the point where i was going "ouch,ow,f**k etc",not for me personally,but for suspension,& other parts that were suffering. :D


I'm always on the lookout for drains, potholes etc anyway, maybe as result of the lowering, but I'd rather avoid them no matter what I was in. I can only assure you that my Mondeo on Eibachs was never bone-jarring, nor did it ever ride like a bucket of shiz.


I saw the Eibachs as a Ford-approved 'upgrade' to the suspension, and will stress that the amount of Mk3 owners who also made the upgrade and were more than happy with them vastly outweighs those that weren't...actually, I honestly can't think of anyone speaking badly of them when I think back to researching them myself before purchase. About the worst that could be said was that they're not gonna change your life the way some enthusiasts may have led you to believe, but you won't be disappointed with them. Worth checking the state of your current shocks and top mounts (esp if high mileage) as it may be labour-efficient to change all at once.


Dave, when I got my Mondeo I was on the old MEG (Mondeo Enthusiasts Group) forum, which has now evolved into'll find a myriad of info on there for Mk3 mods, and specifically opinions/reviews about the Eibachs, just in case you think I've got Eibach-tinted glasses on! ;)

Just out of curiosity,if I fit st tdci springs to my zetec s tdci would there be a noticeable drop or would it just be the same?

Only noticing this now mate...I think the ST springs might be 15mm lower than standard from memory. Brings it down a bit obviously, but I still look at STs that haven't been lowered and they just look too high to me. All about preference though!

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