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Full Version: 10 Reasons Why We Prefer To Drive Manual Cars (Video)
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Quite an amusing video worth a watch!


Nice :)

Never driven an auto, but I think I would definitely miss a manual box.


I prefer manual. I drive an auto mainly due to health issues. I have a bad left knee which became very painful just by changing gears, as such for my own comfort and to relieve the pain of wearing a knee support day in day out I got an auto.


Thankfully I compromised, I got an Auto with Tiptronic, so I get the benefit of Manual mode for my own revs at my own leisure, and the best of a manual gearbox without the clutch. It took me a lot of pain to even consider an auto (if you asked the wife, she would tell you just how much I cursed the idea of them!) If I could have manual without the agony, I would drive manual, but I need to compromise :(


It's difficult for me as my Wife only has an auto licence! Does mean she can't drive the ST though!  :P


We have a little smart car for her to drive around that has both auto and manual modes and even she prefers the manual mode most of the time!  :lol:


In all honesty though it is nice not to have to use a clutch when in traffic but manual is definitely the way forward when on a nice spirited drive! It also depends on the type of car you have too. I was out in California last year and rented a Mustang convertible which was of course an auto, and I thought that it suited the laid back nature of the car quite well!


I'd hate auto, in no way is it a transmission. More an abomination. 




The concept is good, and the manual mode is better still, but the weight of the auto and the torque converter etc just take the extra bit of fun out of it!


Well I'll put it this way - my daily will pretty much ALWAYS be auto. (Constantly changing gears in never ending traffic is no fun whatsoever.) But when the time comes whereby I can afford a project/fun car, it will likely be a manual.  ^_^ 


IMO a car does not HAVE to be manual in order to be fun. But on the other hand, when considering ALL cars which are "fun", a higher proportion would be manual. 

I HATE driving manual so much so i switched half way through learning manual to taking my test in an auto! I hate the clutch and the whole thing stresses me out too much so I chose to drive auto ... I love love love it !
But I'm not a big fan of driving full stop, I drive because I have to, I much prefer to be driven he he

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Oddly Issy, thats what my wife says, if she was going to drive it would have to be auto for the same reasons!


Taught my first wife on both auto and manual, told her she was taking her test on the manual so she could drive either, best days work I ever did, got me out of going shopping with her

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