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Full Version: Cameras On Cops - A Good Thing?
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Just seen the police are trialling cameras on officers. What do you think about this? I think its a good idea on both levels. It will allow police to film and use in evidence some of the stupidity and abuse towards them, but on the other hand will make some of the no so good officers change their behaviour for the better?





We trialled the Cylon system a few years back.
It's excellent as an evidence gathering tool.

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Think its a good Idea, hopefully tame down the ones that think they are the Law instead of being there to withhold the law. will probably deter douch heads giving them crap too as the evidence will be there to support either side to show what has or not gone on, and the level of intimidation or provoking has took place. 

So as far as I can see its a win win.

It's very handy when someone accuses you of excessive force in an attempt to weasel out of a charge and the "I said no such thing" situations.

It's very handy when someone accuses you of excessive force in an attempt to weasel out of a charge and the "I said no such thing" situations.

Exactly Clive but how would the public fair asking for the footage as defence, would it be given, i dont know how its recorded, would it be frowned on if the evidence has being lost deleted etc in this case.

I think if it could aid some ones defence it aught to be used to, it should be there to ensure good policing as well as helping convict those who commit crime. Might see less people getting off with stuff due to no charges being brought due to lack of evidence

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Under a FOI request they ate entitled to ask for footage pertaining to them however the Data Protection Act would mean that the footage would have to be censored to remove anything not relevant or that may ingringe another persons privacy or rights.
If editing is not possible then access can be denied and could only be released by order of a Judge.

Footage is stored digitally but will usually be transferred to disc in readily viewable formats if needed as evidence.
Faults can and do occur, in that case the fault must be reported as soon as it becomes apparent and will be investigated and recorded.

I like the idea! itsw good that they get the opportunity to have more video footage, and also, its good for the crim's too! bare in mind that you might get the odd policeman who is not as genuine as they should be, video footage could be there to defend the accused as well as the officers point of view.




certainly be difficult to alter evidence,so imo this would be a godsend for all.

that way it could be used as a real time learning tool,and stop scumbags saying the copper gave me a dig when no one was looking.


this way it could be filmed and the copper could get £250 on youve been framed. :lol:


Good idea, good for evidence gathering and means it's more difficult for the minority of not so honest coppers to fiddle their evidence. 


That is true, its not so easy to fiddle a video footage and leave no sign, so its a good thing for everyone in my opinion. And also good if they do record witness statements etc. Then if nothing else, they have a resource they can recall to capture the finer details they may have missed during a home interview or at the roadside.


At the end of the day it will help everyone, you as the honest Joe (ensures that you don't get played by a not so honest officer), the accused, in that they can have evidence on their side should an officer be accused of inappropriate behavior. And of course the Officer, they can be reviewed much more effectively, they can use this for appraisals and as evidence when looking to secure promotion.


All in all I think its brilliant, however - are they allowed to turn it off? I think the answer should be no! If they all get them, I think they should not be allowed to turn them off EXCEPT of course in highly private situations (when they need to make themselves "comfortable" at a 'pitstop'! but even then I think that this should be used. every moment of police activity - barr relieving themselves, should be accounted for on video footage. I think that way, it protects the honest police, if they do a 12 hour shift, and have 11:50 of recordings and can account for 10 minutes at the local convenience, then brilliant. However, if they only have 2 hours of recordings, they are not helping themselves if an accusation is made against them.


It's been used for years in the U.S. and other countries and has changed policing attitudes, so I personally think its a good idea. But I would still record my interactions with the police on my own mobile phone for my own peace of mind. Only had one incident with an overzealous Stop & Search officer who I had to educate on Home Office rules when stopping and searching. A camera in this instance would have been great to show how in the wrong he was. 


I think it's a good idea , no one wants to go to work every day and have idiots attack them  , even door staff are using them now.

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