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Hi newbie here


Looking for a Mondeo around the £7500-8000 mark.  Obviously the best for what I can get (diesel, low mileage, parking assist, new as possible obviously etc).  Looks like there are a few around that price range but wanted a few tips really.  


What should I be looking for in the diesel models? Basics please I am not a mechanic.


What models offer the best value/extra's?


how easy is it to replace stock radios and add parking sensors (if i cant get one with them already in)


I am looking at a couple please let me know your thoughts on price etc

  • 1.8 Zetec 
  • 2.0 Titanium (it says econetic but the pics show titanium on the back)
  • also seen a 57 plate 2.2 ST.  Looks fantastic and has sat nav and head rest monitors. It was a tradde in at my local ford garage but has no price on it yet.  

I am going looking at these at the weekend and I am sure I will find more to see.  Just not sure what i need to look out for.





Hello mate personally I would look at the titanium models as they are the most gadget equipt or the st but they are very thirsty for petrol!

yeah i like the blue titanium above but not sure if the price is right (£8k) for a 59 plate with 53k miles.  


I loved the look of the ST and it was extremely comfortable.  The toys were nice as well.  as it was the 2.2 diesel it apparently about 40mpg.  That is pretty good and better than my current car (so should please the wife).  My worry is that with the extra power under the hood i wont actually get 40mpg when i drive it.

Ok I didn't see it was a diesel st that should be fine and I'm sure you would
The best thing is to test drive the car again and look at the mpg as you drive it see what it reads should be good though

The blue minded looks reasonable

yeah i like the blue titanium above but not sure if the price is right (£8k) for a 59 plate with 53k miles.  


I loved the look of the ST and it was extremely comfortable.  The toys were nice as well.  as it was the 2.2 diesel it apparently about 40mpg.  That is pretty good and better than my current car (so should please the wife).  My worry is that with the extra power under the hood i wont actually get 40mpg when i drive it.

You will get 40mpg all day on it - if you go "byserk" or are driving around town, it will drop to about 35mpg, on a run, you could see as much as 50mpg (the estate is a bit heavier, and some have massive wide tyres, that can impact the MPG, as does the load/ driving style/ roads/ conditions etc)


The mk3 (2000-2007) 2.2 (eg ST-TDCI) has a long stroke version of the 2.0L Ford engine, like i have in my car (mine is the TDDI with the vp44 pump/ mechanical injectors) the 2.2 and 2.0L TDCI use the Delphi electronic injectors that are "soft" when used with modern (low sulphor) pump diesel (the DMFs dUAL mASS fLYWHEELs can fail at higher milages and EGR eXHAUST gASS rECIRCULATION valves can play up - easier fix though )- the aux pulley has a tendency to rattle at tickover when to wears out (which it seems to do periodically)


It sounds bad but generally these are at higher milages/ or these things may have been already replaced/ all cars have faults


the mk4s have a completely different PSA engine    


the early mk4  2.2s are the best, they have the 172ps motors (better low- end torque the 200ps ones) & can be remapped to 220ps, a remap can improve the mpg on a diesel 


i would pesonally avoid the 1.8tdci as i feel its a bit small for a big, realatively heavy car, but if you must have one you can get one without the dreaded DPF which is a bonus  


Of the 2.0L tdci, the 140ps pulls from lower down the rev range than the peakier 163ps, they are both the same engine so if you are planning a remap you would be better off with the 140ps also  


With these sorts of cars its often about the deal, but they are (just about) on a par with the BMWs Audis etc to drive/ living day in/ day out with them, but at a more affordable price, they are all comfortable etc but the tit-x is nice inside and very well equipped with lots of creature comforts/ features  


the 2.2 ST-TDCI (mk3) is an earlier car than the mk4 (mk4 - 2007-2013) mk3 2000-2007 - you should be able to pick one up for a lot less than your budget, if you really like it, probably best to keep some money back for DMFs injectors etc (they did not make a mk4 ST - just the Titanium x)  


Details from ETIS:


Build Date:           10.12.2009
Vehicle Line:         Mondeo 2007-
Body Style:           5 Door Saloon
Version:               Series 60
Engine:                2.0L Duratorq DOHC ECO 115PS - DW10
Transmission:     6 Speed Manual Transaxle - MMT6
Drive:                   RHD FWD
Emission:             Stage IV + DPF Emissions
Air Conditioning:   Dual Zone Auto Temp Control A/C
Territory:              (+)"GB"
Paint:                   Blazer Blue





Minor Features

Less Hill Launch Assist
With Standard Liftgate
(-) Version Packages
Genk Plant Build
Security Lock Group #6
Less Special Equipment Package
Less Fleet Options
Less Marketing Flex Prep Pack
'Fuel Economy'
With Electronic Stability Control
Less Tyre Repair Service Kit
With Global Closing
With Electric Rear Windows
Blue Tinted Glass - Complete
With Blue Glass Windscreen
With Heated Windscreen
With Console Ashtray
Less Temp Controlled Glove Box
With Monotone Instrument Panel
Front Floor Carpet Mats
Rear Floor Carpet Mats
Less Sun Blinds
Less Load Rest
Less Rear Screen Sun Blinds
With Painted Front Grille
Less Roof Rack
With Rear Spoiler
Electric Operated Rear View Mirror
Dual Power/Htd/Fold/Pud Lamp Mirror
Less Special Front Seat Covers
Less Special Rear Seat Covers
With Rear Seat Centre Armrest
With Passengers Man Lumbar Support
Less Temp Control Driver Seat
Less Temp Control Passengers Seat
Less Rear Heated Seat
Less Child Intergrated Seat
With Driver 2 Way Pwr.Seat Adjuster
With Pass 2 Way Manual Seat Adjust
Less Rear Seat Armrest Packs
Less Trailer Coupling
Body Coloured Exterior Door Handle
With Leather Gear Shift Knob
Power Door Dead Lock W/Elec Release
Door Entry R/Cont Unit-2 Flip Keys
Less Keyless Entry System
With Automatic Windscreen Wiper
With Heated Washer Jet
Less Headlamp Washer/Wiper
Less Sun Roof
Air Curtain Restrnt LH
Air Curtain Restrnt RH
Inflatable Knee Bolsters - Driver
With Side Air Bag - Drivers Side
With Side Air Bag - Passenger Side
Less Passenger Air Bag Deactivation
With Mini Steel Spare Wheel
Less Tyre Pressure Sensors
With Standard Rear Shock Absorbers
6.5 X 16" Alloy Light/Wght Forg Whl
Limited Service Mini Spare Tyre
Less Wheel Covers
Locking Wheel Nuts
Stage IV + DPF Emissions
With Sports Tuned Suspension
Front Spring Load Class-Q
Rear Spring Load Class-F
With Brake Emergency Assist
Less Skid Plates
Sports Front Seat
With Rear Duct / B-Pillar
Less Air Purifier Sensor
With 70 Litre Fuel Tank
Less Gaseous Prep Pack
Soft Feel Type Steering Wheel
With Speed Control
With Supplemental Air Heater
Conventional Instruments - Level 3
Thatcham Catergory 1 Alarm System
Less Rear Parking Aid
Less Front Parking Aid
80 AH Battery
Less Auxiliary Compact Disc Player
BT/VC Phone Interface Only
With Dual Band Antenna
High Level CDX6+AM/FM+DAB
With 8 High Series Radio Speakers
Voice Activated Module - British
Less Camera
With Halogen Headlamp
Less Daytime Running Lamps
With Front Fog Lamps
With Footwell Lights
With Submarine Lighting-Interior
With 2nd Row Reading Lamps
With Automatic Headlamp On/Off


You can't see in their photo whether it has the Convers display, but the text says 'conventional instruments', and those 6.5x16s aren't the right size for a titanium. Looks like someone bought an 'ECO' and went to town on the accessories list, including a titanium badge.


As a general observation, Edges are what you don't want (no kit, just the basics), Zetecs are a bit more civilised (fogs, alloys, dual zone auto air con), Ghias a bit better still (Sony audio, slightly annoying 'pseudo-wood', bigger, but somewhat fragile alloys)and the Titaniums have (from the Zetec) the Convers, better alloys*, Sony Audio, and a titanium finish to the dash and spears.


(* 'better alloys'; imnvho, the Y-spoke style are the best looking; the titaniums have better Y-spokes than the Zetecs, but they do take more expensive tyres; if you go down that route, be sure that you are happy with the price of tyres, as otherwise you'll be stuck buying nasty budgets)


Parking sensors are a good thing (its a big car, and you can't see the corners) but not exactly difficult to retro-fit.


EDIT: DMFs are reckoned to last 80k, so either buy one with a lot less or one for which the DMF has already been done.


The ECOnetic was a special model with a detuned (115ps) version of the 2.0L PSA motor, it has mechanical and aero modifications to get better MPG and emmisions figures, the (lightweight/ smaller/ narrower) wheels are probably to get better MPG, and it was probably fitted with low- drag/ fuel efficient tyres - it is different from the regular models (eg tit-x zetec) but it is similar to Zetec spec and some bits of kit were left off to reduce weight,- this particular one seems to have had a lot of optional extras fitted- hopefully it did not add too much extra weight or ruin all Fords' engineers hard work to give it 54mpg avarage  the car was lowered to reduce aero drag and special mirrors were fitted, an undertray was fitted, the engine was specially tuned etc etc


I had a look for some info on the econetic and found this -


for the amount o money you're spending buy new mate. for just a lil bit extra ya'll get warranty etc.wouldnt touch another ford without 1


wow, thanks everyone (stooge, BOF and FOCA).  That is a lot of very in depth information.  


My search continues. 


My search continues. 


Seriously, that's good news. My reason for saying that is that you will be lucky to get a good deal from 'Perrys Motor Pavillion' - not impossible (particularly if you catch them with a car that they haven't been able to sell for 30 days and are prepared to drop the price on, to move on). It is quite possible to get a deal from them, it is just that my suspicion is that most people don't.


To get an idea of 'market prices' look at the usual web sites (autotrader, exchange and mart, and also at Car Giant and

M Jarvis who usually have a number of Mondys. I'm not going to say any dealer will always give you a good deal, just the more that you look around, the more you'll get an idea of what constitutes a good deal, and what doesn't.


As a general rule, Edges are quite cheap, but almost everyone would prefer something with a bit more kit. Zetecs have a bit more kit and aren't that much more expensive. If you look at the kit list, and ask yourself 'What out of that lot do I really need' and then get a rough price, you'll have an indication of how much one spec is worth over the other, to you. 


Most enthusiasts would prefer a Titanium which have quite a decent array of kit, but do fetch higher prices, and whether you feel that is justified is an open question. Ghias are supposed to be more luxury, where Titaniums are supposed to be more sporty/techie, but you never get the feeling that the Ghia sub-brand had quite the clear marketing focus that the Titanium variants did.


While you could add a load of kit on top of Edge/Zetec/Ghia/Titanium, the large majority of these would have been company cars, and most of the original owners will have just taken the standard trim levels, whatever is allowed for their pay grade.


As far as mileage is concerned, these cars will take big mileages, and that shouldn't necessarily scare you; on the other hand, things do go wrong over time, and, if a car has been neglected that will only get worse. But many cars will have done their introductory years cruising along the roads shown in blue on the road signs, and that won't have been too hard on them. (At least, I'd rather have a ex-motorway cruiser than an ex-demo car or an ex-taxi.)


cheers BOF


When you say a good deal from perrys do you mean that the cars they sell are sub standard or that they are not usually prepared to give any thing off etc.  


cheers BOF


When you say a good deal from perrys do you mean that the cars they sell are sub standard or that they are not usually prepared to give any thing off etc.  


I mean that their prices usually start high, so they can normally knock a little off and still not offer a great deal. sometimes, you will see them with a car that they have knocked, say, £1000 off and they could not have done that if the price had been reasonable to start with. (They probably wouldn't have had to do it either, if the price had been reasonable to start with, but maybe they've got a rather generous part ex allowance built in to the sticker price, I don't know).


All I can reasonably say is that other people start the process with a more reasonable starting point, but that may be because they don't have any part ex allowance built in, or that, as is common with some of the 'trade supersite' type of organisation, they don't have anything built in for negotiation.


i am not part exchanging my BMW so it will be a cash purchase.  I will be expecting something off for a cash purchase, will see what happens. I have a few weeks before i need it so have a little time to look. 


Cheers again BOF


OK garage phoned regarding the 57 plate ST £5850


is there any way to get a list of what was installed when it left the factory?  Serial number VIN number search etc. 


Yes, go ETIS


That would be a top-of-the-range, late Mk 3 model, wouldn't it? I always think that the premiums that they attract over either more mainstream Mk3s or early Mk4s are difficult to justify, these days, but they are among the most desirable of the Mk3 models, whatever that is worth to you. But again, you can look online to get an idea of how much those are offered for, against other models that might appeal.


sell you my mk3 2007 tdci. its on ebay/gumtree. brand new gearbox/injectors. auction ends tonight,but im gonna pull it if no interest near the end. buy this & you know you're not gonna get any 6 speed gearbox problems down the rd

item no:


Cheers for the link BOF


Stooge, looks a bargain but to be honest I was really wanting something with a lot lower mileage.  Also only considered a Mk3 because it was a diesel ST an had good extras etc.  

No probs mate. If i were you personally i wouldnt touch any ford with a getrag gearbox under 50k. And make sure you test drive it when engine & gearbox is 'stone cold'. I'd even go so far as to actually feel it to see its not been warmed-up.

OK after guessing and second guessing what vehicle i was going to buy. (from a £20k BMW 520 to a £6k Fiesta).  I have decided I am buying two vehicles (one will definitely be a van as I have wanted one for years).


The family car will be this mondeo providing the test drive goes well this morning.  It has just been reduced by £500 and ticks most of the boxes we want.  I only need it for about 3 years so the higher mileage is not a concern.  


One question I have is that I want to fit some parking sensors, can anyone advise what ones I should buy and how easy are they to fit, and guides or tips etc.  


Nice and easy for fitting reverse sensors!  I bought a set off ebay for about £16. The colour match wasn't too bad, and the display plugs into a cigarette lighter for power (I then have an on off switch) or I can wire them into a live feed for permalive.


Basically you just need to first find where you want to drill the holes, later cars have got little marks in the back of the bumper so you know where to drill. just use a pointy instrument to push this out so you have a bump on the outside of the bumper. Take the drill and cut the hole. Pop each of the sensors into the hole with the angle adjuster behind it (make sure that you have the sensor flat).


Then you need to remove the rear panel in the boot, so remove the trims from the boot catch area, then prize out the panel. You need to find the reverse wire, and then strip the insulation a bit, or cut it all together. I cut the wire, then twisted the positive feed for the sensors on one half of this wire, then used a butt connector and crimped the wires back together.


You then need to find the earth point and attach the negative wire to this point, just release the bolt a little, slide it on, then tighten again.


Look down the corner of the boot, you should have a rubber grommet, cut a small X into this with a knife, and then feed the wires from the sensors up through this hole and plug them all in. Attach the box to the wheel arch or somewhere solid and leave it in situ. If you have a hard wired panel (rather than wireless like mine) you then need to plug the wire in and run it to through the headliner to the front of the car and then connect your panel.


thanks for the info jeebo however I have just gone for a test drive and the car has already got reverse parking sensors (they just forgot to add it in the advert).  Anyway I have put down a deposit and will be picking up Friday afternoon.


Happy with the deal actually as i didnt realise they added on £274 for admin charges and there would not be any tax.  So got them to add 6months tax and waive all the charges and paid £5900  


Not bad at all, where are you buying it from?


Gates in Stevenage.


Main Dealer, Small Dealer or an indie sales?


Oh sorry, it is a sub division of the main dealership.  Gates the main dealer and they have a small garage opposite the main dealership where they sell selected trade in's.


very good going then!


thanks, i must say I was pleased and surprised.  


Definately, is your car still on their site, or have they taken it down?


it is still up at the moment


Looking good!


picking her up later this afternoon so will see how she goes. 


OK i have had her for a few weeks now and although i dont do a lot of driving at the moment (will increase after new year).  


I must say I am very impressed.  

  • The 2.0L Diesel engine is very punchy and smooth (a bit noisy but not to bad).  
  • Very comfortable seats ( i was worried about this as i am a fan of leather and as this was cloth i was concerned). 
  • big car but size is not a problem
  • boot is huge
  • Bluetooth is basic but functional


The only problem I have is the stereo does not seem to play MP3's, i have tried two CD's which both work in my van (alpine head unit) but say disk error in the CD6000.  I was certain this head unit played MP3s but may be wrong.


Anyway, all in all very pleased with it.  


Nah I think its only the Sony unit, I dont believe the 6000 does support it, but its been a while since I say in front of a 6000.


Does it have MP3 on the front of the 6000? if so it could be a firmware issue.

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