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Full Version: What Is It With My Luck!?!?
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Well, it really is not my lucky time is it!


So we got the rented house, first of all it could have done with a clean, but we could live with that!

Then I found when installing the washer, it seemed that we had a blocked pipe, again I could clear and manage that no real problem.

Then there is the floor, the kitchen floor needs replacing, but thats fine, it was acknowledged before we got the keys, so were waiting for that to be done...

Then theres the fleas! (Farking Fleas thread!) but they paid for that and I am trying to get by.


Yesterday the boiler started to play up, I thought perhaps like the IT crowd, a turn it off and turn it on again would help, so I did so, and had a shower that seemed fine, but the Mrs had one and ended up freezing... Now I can barely fill a washing up bowl with hot water, luke warm to cold at best, on the plus side at least the central heating is working!


Now, given the news of the upcoming weather, I suspect that our Lean to is probably going to suffer the worst of it, so I am hoping that whoever is trying to make my life difficult right about now is going to be nice to me come Sunday!


So, im a bit narked! if there are any boiler god's on these boards who know the Combi Main HE 24 well, please feel free to help me diagnose this problem so that I can get the letting agent out (without worry of feeling like I am over exagerating!)


Do I just seem to have bad luck or what?


ask here,


Ah, the joys of crappy rental flats with clonked out heating/boilers & dishonest landlords. Been there, done that. 


Yeah I had a look at diynot, and couldnt get anywhere, but given its the landlords, short of checking and repressuring the system (wasnt necessary) and resetting the thing repeatedly theres little I can do!


I wish I could own my own but as Steve said, its the crappy of waiting for all the rest dealing with it... :(


Sorry for the troubles james brings back memories have living in a house where the kitchen would be flooded everytime someone had a shower and whenever the heating was on the radiators were filled with so much air it was like bombs in iraq


Thanks Kurt,


Yeah its not the greatest of fun, I am unfortunate to an extent that I am fortunate, so far although things are slow, they are moving, and it can be a shed load worse!

Deffo bud no matter how bads things are it could always be worse. Its a blessing just waking up tbh hope you aren't left in the cold with no heating or hot water though

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thankfully the heating works fine. I think the trick is to get the bathroom up to 50 degrees celsius, dunk myself in the shower and if it gets too cold and freezes my plums then I can walk out into the warmth (touch wood it stays that way!)


On a plus side, it seems that the lean to is still intact, I had to prepare for the "its gunna kill us all" storm by bringing in the freezer, washer and other bits, just in case the roof was ripped off like a tin can lid :)


So now, I just need them to actually do the floor, fix the boiler, and then I just have to sort out the minor things. Like replacing tap washers, and checking the plumbing, decorating, flea extermination, Installing thermostat...


hmmm... Might as well own this bleedin place!

Jeebo, DanGersFord would be the man to help I think but it sounds to me like the diverter valve has either stuck or is not moving for some other reason - it's basically a solenoid.
Either that orca problem with the control side of things

Cheers Stef, irritatingly its displaying no symptoms of warning lights, and I still havent heard back from the plumber...


Will just have to see!

Bleed the radiators starting with the one furthest from the boiler.
Bleed keys are two a penny in hardware shops.
Just be sure to hold a cloth over the valve to stop horrible brown water shooting up your walls and don't scald yourself.
If you have that horrible brown sludge/rusty water then a flush out of the radiators and fresh inhibitor wouldn't go a miss. It doesn't seem that this is related though. Your problem sounds to me like it is only pumping water through one circuit.

Has the plumber been out yet? Atleast it's not you paying out for him or parts but I wouldn't trust a word they say - everything always has to be expensive with them or 'can't get the parts anymore'
Sorry for your troubles james they do say bad things happen in threes tho so hopefully uve had your lot...keep nagging the landlord like a 4yr old in a car asking if we are there yet ..having bought our own place is as bad as we only have each other to nag

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