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Full Version: Windscreen Problems
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Hi Folks Dragon Siw here and I've a problem. Can anyone help me ?

I took the family up the M62 today to Bradford to the Dr.Who exhibition at The National Media Museum. Ok, it was a little windy and occasionally it rained, Thankfully not too much.~ The problem.~ We were driving along with the windscreen wipers on the normal setting when suddenly there was a loud bang ! It was a little frightening to say the least. You see, as my daughter said; it looked like they had the rest position,When they realised they were suposed to be still working they caught up by slapping themselves hard on the glass ! and then contiued normally. Again some miles along the motorway they did it again. Unfortunately they did it twicw going and twice back. So I used them manually. Hence we were glad that it didn't rain too much. Needless to say it frightened the living daylights out of my passengers.

Doe anyone know or has had this problem??? Is it the motor ?? I don't know and with the winter coming.hmmmm .. My Fiesta never did this...Any help would be very much appreciated .

A damsel in distress , Dragon Siw. :wacko: :angry:


Sounds like something mechanical (but that's always difficult from a distance ;))

On the picture you can see what's beneath the plastic cover.


Very Odd, there should be no other pressure on the windscreen... If the motor goes, it should stop wiping, it shouldnt try to play catch up unless it gets an irregular signal from the PCM and it shouldnt be smacking into the glass as it should always be at a level field.


Is there any evident damage to the engine bay? perhaps a ruptured pipe or similar?


Thanks for your replys, This will give me something to think about.

Any interruption sounds bad and not something I want before christmas etc.

Any ideas of the cost ?  Also the schemat picture is useful as its hard to find any in books etc. Of all the Hayne manuals I've had in the past they don't do one for the Fusion. Or at least I've not found one yet.

Dragon Siw.


I'm wondering if it is one of the pivot  joints such as the one numbered 17566 getting stuck because there is too much play in it then releasing with a bang when its under load from the motor. Its worth getting the panel off to have a look at all the joints and applying some lube.


Thanks for this Bruce,

It does sound a logical thing. I have never taken off the panel you mention before. I've had two Fiestas and this is my first Fusion. It never happened with those, only on my Fusion. So as you can expect it was a little off putting ttrying to do a speed on the motorway and for this to happen. Getting some lube from out of my garage is no problem. Just where to put it !

I was the first lady to aquire my City & Guilds as a motorcycle mechanic in 1984.For that, unlike for cars or trucks, I had to do everything including MOT's and setting up sidecar chasis. As well as engine and frame work. So I am a little mechanically minded, just not for cars....

Failing whatever folk say the Fusion is a great battle bus and a lot better ride than either of my Fiestas were.

Thanks and best wishes,




I am still having the problem with glowing lights on my consul when the car is left and locked up if you have any ideas on this aswell.?

Thankyou again,


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